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Welcome to Perth Escorts - one of the country's leading and award winning high class escort agencies based in Perth. Your have probably heard or read about us in the news, web forums and blogs or from the international adult entertainment scene. Our good reputation precedes us, ask any of our international and local patrons and they will readily attest to our unrivaled world-class service standards and that our model escorts are undoubtedly the best escorts perth  available. 

All our ladies are not only stunningly beautiful but are intelligent, educated and trained to perfection as well. Our escorts in Sydney at Hush Escorts are professionally screened and specially chosen among Australia's finest women and are guaranteed to deliver more than what clients expect from them - this is the biggest Hush difference and what makes us stand out above the other agencies, the main reason why we are the best in the industry. 

Perth Escorts is committed to protecting our clients' privacy, and our models and administration personnel or anyone who enters our headquarters  are bound to adhere to the agency's strict confidentiality protocols and are made to sign legally binding contracts of agreements restricting them from divulging sensitive personal information. This is an exclusive Adarose Studio distinction that makes us a cut above our competitors. 

Perth escorts, female models, escorts and adult services with"Your Pleasure is our Pleasure"

Contact Details
Address: 205 South Terrace,
South Fremantle WA 6160
Phone : (08) 9335 8310

Perth and Adarose Studio Escorts & Massages

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      Автор: thomasymax
      She Australian the blue liquid around in her mouth humming a tune in her head as she spitted into the porcelain bowl. She leaned down and splashed warm water on her face, and then tried to pat sex-messed blonde locks back into some kind of shape.

      Following the private party she attended last night - in which she had participated as a Perth Escorts for entertainment – she was exhausted. She couldn’t wait to get back to her room, take a long hot shower, and curl up with Rachel,Ruby Harlow, Jade, Jenna, Lucy, Phoebe.

      Sighing, she studied her reflection in the mirror. She had a couple of hickies on her neck, and a few scratches here and there. Nothing she couldn't cover with some makeup for tonight’s encore. They loved her at the intimate gatherings where she wasn’t just one of PERTH ESCORTS 's escorts but also danced burlesque with the other girls. It was a lucrative addendum to their business.
      She buttoned up her Levis the rest of the way fumbling with the intricate silver belt buckle.

      The bathroom door opened and a strong floral scent accompanied by a cloud of smoky menthol filled the tiny room. Reaching for her t-shirt hanging on the guard rail, she turned toward the flamboyantly dressed brunette with the cigarette dangling from a manicured hand.

      Her eyes drifted approvingly over Harlow’s well-defined torso as she took a long drag from her cigarette.

      “So. You have to get home and rest up. Busy night tonight.”

      Harlow pulled on her shirt, and then cocked her head.

      “Why?” She asked suppressing a yawn.

      Mr. Jon and shook her head. Smiling smugly, she sauntered up to Harlow.

      “No show for you tonight. You’ve got a command performance elsewhere.” She said patting her cheek.

      “Command performance?” Harlow asked.

      Mr. Jon took another hit off the cigarette.

      “Your presence has been requested for an all-night engagement. Apparently, you caught the attention of some major moneybags. He was very reticent about what he wanted. Sent one of his minions to make arrangements. Didn’t even haggle about the price for your specialist escort sercvices.” She said wiggling her eyebrows.

      Harlow frowned a little, “And what exactly are these arrangements?” she asked.

      Mr. Jon sighed deeply avoiding her eyes, “Guy has a furry kink. You dress as a giant bunny, go out for some drinks, fuck, literally, like bunnies and he pays you boatloads of money.”

      Harlow visibly relaxed, “Oh. Is that all?” she said.