Everything You Need to Know About Independent Escorting in One Paragraph

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  • Have a game plan for your business. When do you want to stop escorting? Set an end date. Establish a savings account with a financial goal. Revisit your goals on a regular basis.
  • Do your research! A popular read is "The Internet Escorts Guide" by Amanda Brooks, but there are many books out there.
  • If you look at the work as a hustle, you will have a hard time maintaining regular clients and only attract hagglers. If you approach the work like a business, your clients will respect you as a businesswoman and come back for more.
  • Get a website. It looks professional and increases your credibility. Don't use those ugly escortsite or rare-escort templates. Cuties-tools, Highheel design, and Moonfruit all have very reasonable rates.
  • You should have a website with professional pictures, regardless of what you charge. It shows you care about your business. If you want to attract a classier client base, your pictures should be tasteful, flattering poses in a variety of outfits. Leave the full nude, spread eagle stuff to the porn stars; they do it better anyway. cheesy.gif If you cant afford a photographer, check out modeling websites for photogs who will work for trade. Or grab any digital camera and ask a friend to photograph you in bright, natural light.
  • Charge what you charge and leave it be. Don't know what to charge? Look up ladies in your city who are your age, body type, hair color, race & education level. Note what they charge and match it. You don't need to run specials to get clientele. Discounts should be for the loyal clients - not the cheapskates.
  • Pay your taxes. The IRS doesn't care how you make a living. They just want a cut of the action.


  • A provider who takes 15min and 30min appointments or charges by the sex act is NOT an escort. An escort accompanies her clients to places or visits him wherever he is and charges by the hour/hourly blocks/day/week. If they get along and find each other attractive, sex isn't out of the question...but the escort can't charge for the sex.
  • Your health is paramount! Get bloodwork on monthly basis. Work out, eat right, stay away from drugs. See a counselor if you have no one to commiserate with about the work. The better your overall health, the better you can meet your client's needs.
  • You will meet all kinds of men. Some are handsome, ugly, short, tall, fat, skinny, black, white, poor, rich, shy, chatty, married, single. If you cannot see at least one thing attractive about any man, this business isn't for you! The most important thing is that they are clean, respectful, trustworthy and pay without being goaded.
  • Your client's satisfaction is #1. Do your best to make him happy; offer him a massage, fix him a drink. Don't bitch to him about your babydaddy, your bills or how slow it is. He comes to you to relax - not to hear your problems.
  • All clients have an expiration date. Don't assume they will be around forever. Don't demand tips.Treat them with respect!
  • Don't let a client push your personal boundaries. If he threatens you for not going out of your comfort zone - politely end the date. If he asks too personal of a question - Lie. They don't care what you tell them, they just want the experience of intimacy. These men are not your friends- no matter how sweet and kind they may be.
  • Escorting can fun; going to places you've never been, getting expensive presents. However, escorting can also be socially isolating, messy, frustrating and boring.
  • NEVER, EVER work on days when you are feeling vulnerable, angry or depressed. You give so much to your clients already - no need to give them your last bit of energy/sanity.


  • Prostitution is illegal in most US states. No matter where you are on the ladder of sex work, it is foolish to openly advertise sex acts for money. Buzzwords in your advertising like "GFE" "greek" "cbj" "bbbj" do not fool police and looks tacky.
    Putting a "I'm not a hooker" disclaimer on your site/ads screams "Actually, I'm a hooker." Furthermore, calling your fees a "donation," "diamonds," "kisses," or any other childish name screams, "I'm a cheap (and stupid) hooker." If you're not a hooker, don't advertise like one!
    Besides, what will you do if a client shows up with 250 yellow roses? Awkward....
  • If an inquirer ask about your sex acts, "menu" or acronyms, don't answer the question. Tell them you don't know what they are talking about and end the conversation. If he is in the room with you and pushes the question, end contact, leave, ask him to leave. PERIOD.
  • Have a lawyer on retainer and pick his brain for intel. You never know what could happen.


  • Never see a client who is rude, pushy, demanding or asks for discounts the first time they contact you. It's asking for trouble.


  • Give thought to where your boundaries lay. Your boundaries will adjust as you get more comfortable with your escort persona, but remain true to them. You must be able to walk away from this business with your mental & physical health intact!


  • If you aren't screening your clients before meeting them, you are taking a big safety risk. Why screen? Because the more you know about a client, the less likely he is to misbehave. You also are better equipped you if he robs or attacks you. If you discover something unnerving about him - pass. If you don't feel like dealing with the screening headache - get a booker.

Hopefully, this is helpful to many of you out there. Please don't be foolish out there, ladies. This business isn't a game. You reserve right to run your business anyway you please. Don't let anyone pressure you into working in unsafe conditions for the sake of a buck.

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