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  3. As Sunita reclined sensuously in her bubble bath, she glanced over to the back of the bathroom door where her costume hung, still wrapped in its packaging. James, had called her earlier in the week to book her for a very special Halloween party his boss was having at his mansion in Hampstead.Call Girls in Suratalways enjoyed hearing from James as she enjoyed the attention of older men. She liked the way he insisted on showing her off to his friends and colleagues proudly. She was always more than happy to play the part of his girlfriend because, as James explained, since his wife had died, he just didn’t feel right committing to another woman. Sunita wondered what the costume was. James had arranged for it to be delivered toSurat Escortsalong with a beautiful bunch of roses accompanied by a card with her name on it. She eagerly opened the card and it said “I want you to wait until you’re ready to dress before you look at this surprise costume I bought especially for you. As soon as you are dressed, call me and I’ll send a driver to pick you up.” She loved being kept in suspense and mystery always excited her, so she did as James requested. As she stepped out of the tub, she glanced across at the full length mirror and admired her glistening body. She had been working out lately and it showed. Sunita wrapped herself in a towel and reached for the garment bag containing her costume. As she opened it, she smiled wickedly. It was perfect. Tonight, she was going to be Alice in Wonderland. She managed, with some effort, to finally get the lace through the last rings of the corset and pull on it tightly, grinning as she watched her full breasts rise with the pressure. Her cleavage would definitely be a huge distraction to every man who encountered her tonight. With a bow in her hair and long stripy stockings, she could almost pass as innocent. She placed the little black masquerade mask over her eyes and quickly called James. She couldn’t wait for him to see her. James had arrived at the party early and was enjoying a glass of scotch in anticipation of Melissa’s arrival. He had chosen his Mad Hatter outfit to complete the fantasy he had planned for the evening. He couldn’t keep his mind from replaying thoughts of Sunita as Alice and exploring her rabbit hole. Laughing at his own poor taste in jokes, he rolled the whisky around on his tongue. Sunita wanted to make sure that James was going to have the night of his dreams. She knew how much pleasure he got from watching other men’s faces as she made it clear that she was with him. So, as she stepped into the room, she smiled broadly as everyone turned to stare. Her eyes locked on James and she walked directly to him, her long legs allowing her to cross the room as if she was gliding. She was conscious of not swinging her hips too much as the only man who should see what wasn’t under her dress, should be James. Her little Halloween surprise for him, As Sunita presented herself to him, James took her hand and bowed deeply and repeated his favourite Mad Hatter quote “Have I gone mad?” and to his absolute delight, she responded giggling, “I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” He was always blown away that the women he dated throughIndependent Surat Escortswere not only gorgeous, but incredibly clever too. She then guided his hand under her skirt and his knees nearly gave way. He couldn’t wait to get his ‘Alice’ back to his place for their own special kind of tea party. 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