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  1. does anyone know how to make a profile for girls Of the day at 6annonce?
  2. 6annonce

    I do not understand it told me to the admin but why not call my phone
  3. 6annonce

    good day I saw your answer my profile is not fake and it does not delete the admin after the site just that I do not call the phone at all it just gives me I wonder it makes 1000euro per day I do not call my phone at all and I have verified profile
  4. Good evening I have a problem with a girlfriend with a girlfriend working with her on 6annonce but I can not call my phone at all Can she do anything to keep her call? her constant call of mine does not sound at all the accounts are made by her that kind of question
  5. Привет, может только заплатить после карты из профиля russia?
  6. Thanks and how payment my profile? because suport this site im not answer me
  7. booking site in France and payment method how they use it please help
  8. I would like to know booking apartments in France please and how to pay a bag is a new escort in france
  9. I went in but I did not give me any booking sites in France that would be good and how do I use the payment method to help me?
  10. Bonjour sympa s'il vous plait, une nouvelle escorte sur 6annonce et je voudrais vous aider à faire le sac de la méthode de paiement et un site de location d'appartement merci