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  1. One of the things that escorts have to take seriously about their business is their own safety. Over years of experience, escorts and agencies have come up with a few ways to be safe when working with clients. Basically, in order to be safe, you should Know as much about your client as possible Reveal as little about yourself as possible Take safety measures when it comes to your health Service Terms Within a few days of becoming an escort, you will have a good idea about what kind of rules you want to set for yourself as well as your clients. For safety reasons, here are the basic steps that you should take: Out calls to visit the client or booking yourself a hotel room to offer in calls is the best way to offer escort services. This falls in nicely with the rule of giving your clients little to no information about yourself. List all your services on your website or profile page as you want to avoid lengthy conversations regarding sexual activity on the phone. Refrain from discussing sex on the phone, by text message or by email. Always refer clients back to your website. Don't waste your time answering calls from withheld numbers. They are more than likely going to waste your time. On out call appointments always book a driver to escort you to and from the appointment. When you arrive at a clients location, first things first sort out payment and then tell your client you need to text in with your driver. Always let someone else know where you are going when visiting a client. In call When you are booking in call appointments to the actual property where you live it's advisable to only do this after you have met the client previously. This is your home after all and you don't want just anybody coming round. With incall appointments to your home, always have a separate room to entertain your clients. Let this room be as far away from your personal room as possible. When clients beckon, lock all doors except the one meant for clients. Don’t store any money, jewelry or other valuables in this room, because they could be in danger of being stolen. Incall at a Hotel The best option to offer in calls is by booking yourself a hotel for the night or even the week. Clients visiting you at a hotel keeps you safe and above all your anonymity. Hotels are very busy places and wont notice clients coming and going. Being a busy place they also provide a safe haven to conduct business with your clients. Many escorts find this to be a sound middle ground between an outcall and their own home. If you have a hotel arrangement in place, here are the things that you should do for safety reasons. Book well in advance and ask the client to book your appointment in advance as well. Don’t bring any valuables with you to the hotel room and don't take unnecessary risks. Don’t have anything with you in your purse that identifies you personally, such as your driving license. Don't forget to put the "Do not Disturb" sign on the door. Don’t tell your client where you have arranged your meeting until the last moment. Tell him about your room number only after he arrives at the hotel, just in case he is a time waster. One important thing that you should remember when having such an incall arrangement is to change hotels frequently. You don't want to raise any suspicion with the hotel staff. Outcall to Visit your Client at Home There are times when clients often call escorts to their homes, so that they can have a private, pleasurable few hours. In such cases, here are the things you should do: Ask for a fixed land line number for the client’s home instead of just a mobile number. Always call hime back on the land line number he gave you to confirm the booking. Make sure the client knows you only see him and that no one esle is present in the house. Check out the area on Google Maps Street View to see what the street is like. Have a driver with you to take you to the client’s home. Have him stay there and inform the client that you have someone waiting for you to pick you up after the appointment is over. These are enough tips that cover both incall and outcall appointments for escorts. Verifying information is always important and it is one of the golden rules of escorting.
  2. If you recently joined the escort industry as an escort then rather than just focusing on how to get new clients, you need to focus on your health as well. This business is all about your body and that is why, keeping yourself fit and in good shape is important and ensuring that internal health is as equally good. As a young inexperienced new comer, you might see a client a few times and decide condoms are no longer necessary. This is a massive mistake to make as you never know what the client may or may not have. If he is booking you, chances are he is also seeing other escorts and engaging in many other sexual encounters. Never give in to pear pressure and always always use a condom. If you choose to ignore this it may be the biggest mistake you ever make. Keeping your guard up and strong at all times is very necessary but due to the nature of the business, sometimes willingly or unwillingly, you might let go of a few safety aspects for various reasons like you might be high, or you got carried away or just to pleasure your client that bit extra. These extra miles that you go might end up making your life hell as you never know what your client is carrying. Many a times even when your safety shield is not at its best, you might just be lucky and get through the session unharmed but there are those unlucky times as well when even the smallest of bacteria which jumps onto your skin while in contact with the client may cause problems such as herpes, Genital HPV, Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease, hepatitis etc. This is why, there are certain health tips you need to keep in mind and follow religiously while seeing clients. This ensures that you are good to go, both inside and out. Few of the Health tips for new escorts are as follows: Make sure that you are using good quality branded condoms and that you have a lot of them when going on a booking. If you run out then the client may put pressure on you to have unprotected sex. Never ever do anything without a condom even if it ends up with the booking being cancelled. Condoms are the best tool to help you save yourself from unwanted STDs and other infections which are transmitted during physical intimacy. Lots of clinics in the UK will offer hepatitis jabs, this will help you stay safe from many diseases. Be open with your clinic regarding your profession as they prbably treat many escorts and can offer more safety advice. Now, since the profession is about how good you look and how good your body is, apart from health measures to keep you safe from any diseases, you need to also take measures to ensure that you stay in shape and remain fit to be able to do your job properly. For this, make sure that you exercise every day, check what you eat and stay away from junk foods as much as possible. Also, going for a jog every day is a great way to train your body and relax your mind. Having good stamina is required in this profession. Concentrate on having a diet rich in essential vitamins, proteins and minerals. Drink loads of water and juices. Meditating and yoga is also highly recommended because not only does it keep your weight in check, it gives that level of peace which is required in this otherwise noisy and loud industry. Another health tip you need to keep in mind as a newcomer in this business is that you need to check out your client properly when you meet. If there are any telltale signs about having any kind of sickness or disease, which maybe catching, then it's best to limit your services or better yet, cancel it completely. In the final analysis, it can be said that as a newcomer, you need to keep your eyes open and learn from other experienced escorts as much as possible before you make yourself busy. There is a lot to learn and you will get to know more about this as you move on in the escort industry. Picking up every tip you get from here and there as well as from your encounters will make you a pro in no time. As far as health is concerned, have a strict policy of no compromises. Make rules and don’t break them for anyone. Your health comes first and should always be at the forefront of your mind whenever you have a booking.
  3. Escorts are quite vulnerable to various hassles, be it legal or by choosing the wrong types of clients. At times, clients can be demanding and in order to protect you from such crass clients it is necessary that you screen your clients every single time before you enter into any kind of booking with them. Screening is of utmost importance since this not only ensures your safety but also shows the client you are a strict professional and you take your business very seriously. Screening is very crucial since it ensures that the clients whom you entertain are decent and are coming to see you for all the right reasons. You must be thinking it's very difficult to screen clients but let me assure you that this is not the case. Screening a client is very easy and does not involve too much work. A little creativity and a few tactics are sufficient to screen a client. In the escort industry there is always the scope of meeting new potential clients who at times turn out to be less then gentlemen like.Hence in order to safeguard yourself from such time wasters you need to screen your clients very meticulously. Screening will not only ensure safety but also it will enable you to serve your client better. Being a part of the escort industry requires you to participate in sexual activities with your clients. This requires you to a have a calm composure so that you can be in complete control of any situation. Always remember one thing that you never want to entertain aggressive people who want to take charge of the situation by simply negating your presence. You should always be vigilant enough to make sure that your client does not cross his or her limit. As we've mentioned before, being an escort in the UK is completely legal, it's just surrounding factors that are illegal. As an independent escort or an escort working for an agency you should never be bothered by the police. In America the rules are very different and quite often the US police can make bookings in order to entrap escorts. Luckily you never have to worry about whether the client is a police officer or not. Being an escort you always run the risk of meeting clients who turn out to be abusive. Hence in order to prevent such bookings you can follow a few steps If you work for an agency they will screen all the clients. Agencies normally keep a record of every person who has ever called them with detailed notes. Agencies often share bad clients between each other to prevent these clients from getting bookings in the future. If you work independently you will soon learn the right questions to ask potential clients to find out their intensions If a client sounds intoxicated, don't take the booking. If a client is drunk this can often lead to a bad appointment. For outcalls to hotels, call him back in his room by going discreetly through reception. For outcalls to residential addresses always get a landline number. If a client doesn't want to give out his landline number be wary. Go with your gut feeling. If you're not sure about the clients intensions or something didn't feel right on the phone, don't do the appointment. To sum up screening clients is very important. No escort or escort agency should do away with screening clients under any cost. This will not only ensure your long stay in the industry but will also protect you from scammers and abusers and will spare you a harrowing and taxing experience.
  4. Control If you have talked to a few escorts before you decided to join an agency or become an independent escort, you know that it almost always involves having sex with your clients. Now when it comes to sex, you want to be in control of the situation. You can only control the situation when you know a fair bit about your client. If you know a bit about his history or his nature, you might be able to serve him better. The most important thing about screening your clients as an escort is the safety factor. Being an escort is a mildly risky business and you don’t want to have aggressive clients who will quickly take control over the situation. Remember, however mildly you put it you are the person who should be in control. Of course, if you have clients who hire you many times, you have less work to do. You already know a fair bit about him and he knows about you. You develop a mutual respect for each other. He knows where you draw the line. Right Pairing If you run an escort agency, you have a number of escorts working for you. Each of them has her own nature and way of working with clients. A large part of how lucrative your business is depends on how often your clients are happy with the escort you provided. As a business, it is of great benefit to research your clients to find out the type of service they are looking for. Then, and only then can you put the right client with the right escort. Keeping detailed records of clients is a very important part of an escort agency as well. It may pay you to have a decent online booking system which you can keep all your clients data in. The next time they phone you have all there notes to hand and can quickly find them the right escort to suit their needs. HornyDesigns is a great platform for building escort agency websites. They also offer a variety of other software and it may pay you to checkout their escort booking software. You might think that this is a trivial matter and doesn’t affect your business much. However, some of the most successful and elite escort services do all their homework and only send the best matched escorts to their clients. This is what makes them elite and it is why they succeed in becoming well-known. What happens when you have the right escort for a given client is that your escort is more comfortable as well. This means she will communicate with your client more freely and provide him a much more valuable service. The end result is that you will always find the client coming back to you instead of trying new agencies. Avoiding abusive behavior If you are working as an escort, you want to eliminate as much of the risk as possible. One of the most common risks is the client potentially being abusive towards the escort. All escort agencies usually have a network through which they can get information about clients. An agency will normally save every number from every client with notes attached. If that client calls back they know straight away if he was a problem in the past. Despite how competitve the escort agency business is, many good agencies will share information pertaining to bad clients. It is in all escort agencies best interests to keep these problem clients away from the escorts. Dealings with Police Generally speaking it is legal to be an escort in the UK, but since it always involves sex, cops are always on the alert. They want to ensure that no one is being forced into the business. You are willingly getting in to the business, but a few are forced into prostitution and the escort business. Depending on which region of UK you are operating from, the police might contact your agency. As an escort agency you are offering an advertising platform to independent escorts. The escorts you have listed on your website, in turn pay you a commission for your advertising services. As an escort agency it is better not to get into much dertail with the client. The client knows what he's getting when booking an escort and a lengthy conversation on the phone about secual services could get you in trouble. All this information should be readily available on the website so talk of sex is kept to a minimum on the phone. Also don't dictate to your escorts when they work, you don't control them. They choose when they work and they are also at liberty to refuse any bookings. Remember, you don't control them. How to Screen Clients The process of screening clients for escorts varies form one agency to another. Some employ fairly basic methods while others are extremely sophisticated. The bottom line is that the more information you have, the better off you are. If you are an independent escort, you might need to work hard for information, because you are doing the job alone. When a client approaches you to hire your escort services these are the key points that you absolutely should have: Name Phone number (fixed land line for outcalls or mobile for incalls) Place where he is currently staying (for outcalls) Additionally, ask him to provide information about his needs and requirements just to get a good feel for him. For an out-call the phone number should be a fixed land line because it is easier to verify. You don't want to send an escort to a residential address to find out it was a fake booking or worse. Only take a mobile phone number for in-calls to the escorts place of work as you will need this to contact him and in turn he will need to call you when he has arrived in the escorts street. For an out-call appointment, call or have someone call the land line number and ask for your client. If the client himself picks up, it is all well and good. If another person picks up the call don't send anyone out to him. More than one person in a residence is very dangerous for the escort. Check out the address and see whether you know the place well. It serves your interests if it is a known place. If you have never heard of the place before, check it out on an online mapping service such as Google Maps. You can then see the location in street view to get a feel for the area. Preferably it should be an area where there is a lot of activity. It could be a hotel or a residential area. Want to Take a Risk? In many cases, escorts will suss out on the initial phnecall whether the client could be a problem but still tak the risk. In many cases, such clients may pose no threat to you, but it is still a risky proposition. If you are accepting such a client, be sure to have backup. The best way to do this is to have a driver with you who will transport you to the client’s place and will wait outside for you. If you have arranged for a driver, work out a plan with him on what to do when you are in trouble. Make sure you text the driver when the client has paid you to let him know everything is OK. Make sure the driver knows how long you are suppposed to be in the booking for, that way if it runs over he can call you to make sure you are OK. This driver must always be outside, so that you are always safe. Screening Services If you are working for an escort agency, you don’t need to worry about the screening process, because an agency has all the procedures in place for you. They have, or should have databases of contact information at their disposal to quickly screen clients. This is why many escorts choose to work through agencies and are willing to pay a commission for handling this side of the business Conclusion In conclusion, screening clients is something you should not avoid at any costs. It helps you last in the industry for a long time and earn a lot of money.
  5. Screening your clients in one way or another is both tedious and a necessity. If you work for an escort agency they’re going to take care of this for you, and at points I thought this was reason enough to work for an escort agency! There’s not a lot to be said on this topic but I will try to explain as much as possible and be as thorough as possible because this is an important aspect of the business that I don’t want to just skim over. There are three reasons to verify clients: 1) Make sure they aren’t a serial killer. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but the point being that you’re about to be alone with them and due to the nature of your work it’s not like every one you know will know where you are. There are a lot of bad things that can happen and so doing your duediligenceto limit those chances is not only a good idea, it’s anecessity. If you can verify the client’s identity prior to meeting up with him and have someone who can go to the police and tell them who you were last with, that can literally be the difference between life and death. 2) Make sure the client isn’t a time waster. A lot of times when you’re booking a date as an escort it involves scheduling, driving out to see the client or making sure you’re ready to receive them at your place. Escorts put a lot of time and effort goes into dates and you want to be stood up. Knowing the clients real name, phone number and other details ensures the client isn’t a time waster. 3) Make sure the client isn’t law enforcement. Stings aren’t all that common with escorts, but they can happen and you’d hate to have any regrets. So if you feel something isn’t right, verifying for the purpose of law enforcement screening can be the smart choice. So now that you know why you should be screening your clients, let me explain how to screen your clients. These are all different methods of screening, and you can do one or more different methods, depending on what you feel is necessary. Keep in mind you don’t need to screen every client, go with your gut and trust yourself. If somebody calls out of the blue and wants to see you right away and it gives you a bad gut feeling, screen them in every way possible to either eliminate them or to eliminate the bad feeling you’re getting. However if you know someone from a message board, and you’ve spoke to them a bunch of times and you haven’t personally spoke to any of the other escorts he’s been with but you know there haven’t been any vocal complaints etc you can just go ahead without screening at all – if you want to. It’s completely up to you. 1) Name & phone number. You want to at least get their name and phone number, this is standard practice and most clients won’t have a problem giving you this information. Once they give you their phone number, let them know you will give them a call right back. Immediately check to see who the owner of the phone is and what the address is, by doing a reverse phone look up. This should take less than 2 minutes and once you’ve done that you call them back right away. Now that you have a little verified information about them you can ask them if it’s their address, if it’s a business or home, etc. Having this kind of information written down – especially if that’s the address you’re going to – can help you out if something goes wrong. 2) Place of work. Some escorts require that their clients tell them their place of work and work number. This isn’t to pry into the client’s life, but it’s additional security if you know where he works. It’s also helpful in eliminating him as law enforcement because if he has a job as a VP of a venture capital firm, chances are he doesn’t moonlight as an undercover police officer. 3) References from other escorts. The best kind of screening you can possibly get, but also the most difficult sometimes, is getting references from other escorts. If a client has 2-3 references from escorts that have ads on the internet so you can also verify that his references are real people and not just accomplices in a grand scheme to GET YOU! Lol sorry, anyway…having those references allows you to be 100% sure that he’s real, verify what kind of client he is by asking the escort’s he’s been with and to be 100% sure he’s not law enforcement. 4) Show me the goods! If you have any doubts at the outset of an appointment on whether a client is law enforcement or not, you can ask him to expose himself before exchanging money or talking details. If he refuses, just leave. If he does expose himself, then you can be sure he’s not law enforcement because police officers are not allowed to expose themselves in a sting. 5) Reverse engineering. If a client sends you an email and you want to find out who they are, it’s never a bad idea to do a little snooping. A lot of clients will email you from their “secret” emails, but a lot email straight from their regular accounts. Do a google search for the client’s email, do a facebook search, do a myspace search, do a search, do a search for his email in as many different places as you can. If the email is (for example) then also search google for “johnny_loves_pizza” and see if anything comes up, because this could be his online alias that he uses to make posts on different message boards. If he’s been posting about raping and murdering escorts on some serial killer message board, you might want to move on. If he’s been posting on a sports or hobby website, you might find out he’s a pretty normal guy. That’s it for screening your escort clients. It’s definitely tedious and one of the worst parts about being an escort, but it’sabsolutelynecessary on all counts. Use your best judgement and always, alwaysfollow your gut. $500 is never worth getting yourself into any amount of trouble, shrug it off and move on to the next client.
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  10. It’s a hard question. A common misconception is thatonlybeautiful girls make money. Yet beauty is very subjective. And more importantly, many women do not realize that outer beauty, alone, is simply not enough to become a wholesomely desirable woman. Moreover, no matter how desirable a woman may be, one can never appeal to all. Being successful and making good money are very temporal for an escort, and very susceptible to fluctuation. Even when women are able to makelots ofmoney for a period of time, it does not mean they are necessarilysuccessful with clients nor does it mean they are promised asuccessful future. There are a lot of escorts who may appear to be ‘successful’ for the moment, yet what outsiders do not see is that, behind the scenes, she may very well have little prospects for the future.In my opinion, being a successful escort means establishing a good regular clientele and working towards an alternative career, because this equates to long term success in a more emotionally wholesomeenvironment. Generally, girls who makelotsof money are hustlers. Which means they chase money at all the multiple scales of ‘high-class’ escorting, and they essentially make escorting their life (ie: theywork full-timeand are oftenwilling to work at all hours of the day). However,while working full-time can equate to lots of money, I’d argue that working constantlyis a recipe for short-term success only. Working full-time isnot easy by any means, and there are typically dire implications. Firstly, awoman may make a lot of money for a period of time, yet it does not mean she will continue to be successful endlessly. What makes an escort successful versus how much money she’s made are not the same thing. Onewoman I knew(who’s in the industry) lived quite a lavishlifestyle. You’d think that she’s making $1000+ US dollars per hour. But in reality, she does a mixture of jobs catering to clients of all rate-scales. She works in a brothel-like establishment in the day-time. This pays her approximately $240 per hour (the business takes $70 dollars.), which seems very low. Then she advertises and does private out-calls/incalls for a much higher price. She works every day, and like many otherfull-time escorts, she, sadly, use drugs and alcohol to lessen the emotional impact. Yes, one can make lots of money by working full-time, but at what cost? Short-term goals of making fast-money often have negative implications, physically and mentally. I cannot relay how many escortsI met who sacrificed their mind, body, and soul for quick, fast money — from extremely short-lived beauty queens to drug addicted, disfigured women in a very short span. Drug/substanceaddictions and the resulting physical/mental damage is a reality for many prostitutes who are not careful in how they work within this industry. Tragically, many women who end up in this tragic fate had no option of choice — too often women get lured by mass exploitation and falsepromises within the sex industry. Aside from being susceptible to drugs and alcohol,working too often can also make an escort harden, or burn out, more faster. In other words, working too frequently will make her experiences with clients more rigid, and therefore her chances of establishing wholesome, regular clientele will be stipulated.One must humble themselves and realize that many women are not given the option to work less — everyone has different circumstances. I personally recommend working less, if that’s an option.Once a woman can become established as an independent escort, I recommend working less at higher rates to a select clientele. And finally,I stress the importance ofbalancing one’s life with clients and other things they enjoy (outside of their work). *I should also note that many ‘high-class’ escorts give off the facade of wealth/luxury, when in reality they are spending all of their income on designer goods to promote their image. She might be carrying Chanel bags, but it doesn’t imply she’s successful or wealthy. Ironically, the rule I learnt from my observations is that anyone who makes tremendous effort to boast of their ‘success’ or material gains is, in fact, using boasting to mask their deep insecurities and low self-esteem. It is very easy for an escort to have a low sense of self, as wealth and ‘success’ with clients are extremely fragile. In my opinion, a successful escort is one who is moderate in her spending and humble; she saves a lot or invests into a home and/or education, because she’s mindful that she cannot sell herself forever. Extremely high-priced girls arenotnecessarily more ‘worthy’ than a girl with more moderate hourly rates. In fact, as mentioned, manyescortsare often working at multiple rate scales. For example, the same escort who advertises for $800.00 dollars per hour is also likely working for $200.00 an hour. The escorting industry simply exploits the fact that some men will pay a lot of money for a woman who is apparently “higher” class. The difference in price is not always reflective of the quality of the girl, but rather it is simply marketing and the overall economics of the particular city. However, quality can exist. There are women who set their rates higher than average, and can provide a more ‘quality’ experience as they are more selective with their clientele and, perhaps, work less frequently — in all cases, from the clients end, seeing escorts is always a gamble. In general, mostwomen I met arecatering to two types of clientele: (1) clients who see private/independent escorts only, and (2) ‘brothel rats,’ clients (as they called them), or men who visit brothel establishments only. Overall, escorts do not all work in the same manner, and many women establish their own preferences on where, when and how to work. What is comfortable for one woman is different than other. Usually,women work in scenarios related to their level of comfort. For instance, a lot of ‘elite’ escorts prefer the brothel/agency settings rather thanworking independently. For myself, personally, I have never been a hustler in the sense of working full-time. I have always worked part-time as an escort, at my own leisure and comfort. Yet despite working part-time, I make a generous income for working so infrequently, and I am satisfied with having enough to live comfortable, and establishing some savings gradually. I don’t want to ‘hustle’ and work full-time as a professional escort, because I have seen how so many escorts over-work themselves and resultantly burn out. Then again, I have to be so thankful that I can have the luxuryof being able to work less and live relatively well — some women aren’t as lucky, and are sort of compelledto work full-time. What Girls are Most in Demand? From my observations, there are a few characteristics that drive men wild. Yet again, one must remember that desires are so diverse, so I always recommended escorts to be themselves. A stunningly beautiful girl who’s new to the sex industry or a particular place (or city) will likely be popular at first. However, once she’s slept with the men who were curious about her …she will only continue to be successful if she has the brains or sexual confidence to match. For the most part, clients want good sex and good companionship. I’ve seen many beautiful girls who get overly confident in their first months, only to be shocked why they don’t have any regulars. Outer beauty, alone, has nothing to do with establishing a true connection with a worthy, wholesome client. Another interesting thing I’ve observed is the POWER of chemistry and pheromones. I truly believe this, as I have observed this endlessly. Working in an establishment, I’ve seen girls who don’t really get picked, but suddenly one day they are constantly being chosen. During the days where I worked in an establishment,I’ve noticed that certain times duringmy monthly cyclethatmen were dying to devour me. For instance, there are times I barely wear makeup and feel sleepy, yet every man I meet wants to book with me. I could be completely covered up, yet somehow men detected my monthly ‘ripeness.’ I recall memories of working where every clientwas eagerly licking, kissing andtasting my whole body— as if my body was emitting an intoxicating, delicious scent. Typically this is around my ovulation period, and perhaps I am feeling most horny at this time (somehow the men can detect it — the heat of my body). Likewise, at times when I wasextremely stressed, I was no longer the ‘belle de jour’ at the brothel.The first times I started to falter in my bookings (otherwise known as burnout) was when I started quarrelling oftenwith my ex-fiance. Most of the quarrelling was because I wasn’t sure the ‘normal’ relationship route was actually what I wanted. The constant fighting made me either not sleep at all, over oversleep….which gave birth to dark circles and puffy eyes when I was 22. Stress is the WORST recipe for being an escort. It does not matter how beautiful you are, but if you are stressed and needing to make money (and feeling animosity towards men at the same time)….don’t even bother! I remember meeting a really gorgeous escorta few months ago. She was new the industry. She was quite attractive. I told her that she would be really popular because she was quite pretty. To her dismay, she only had 1 client during her 7 hour shift. This showsthat STRESS alone can kill off the chemicals that men are attracted too. She told me she was desperate to make money, as she had a child and was extremely stressed about her money situation. I told her she needs to relax and feel good…..and that hopefully next shift her ease will reflect more clients. In essence, chemicals are very powerful in attraction. Who are the most popular girls? Again, it’s a perception. A girl can be popular for periods of time, but as mentioned before…even the most beautiful girl will go from being popular to just having her regulars and a consistent flow. But again, it really depends, as all escorts are unique individuals. I, myself, was one of the ‘popular’ girls at the brothel, which means I was often chosen by clients. As an independent escort, the dynamics are different, because now, I choose from the pool of clients who contact me. I am always thankful that I have been a desired woman in this industry. As clients would tell me, I have both beauty and intellect.I am chosen for both reasons, but at other times it’s one or the other.Apart from my admired big boobs and shapely backside, I retain a bit of elegance in my mannerisms, dress and speech also, so many clients express how this attracted them and made them feel at ease. Presentation plays an important role in what sort of clients an escort will attract. If I had a rude personality and presented myself as purely flesh, I would certainly attracted a different clientele (the kind I wouldn’t like). Girls who are quite sought after can be many things. One popular lady I knew was an escort I developed a crush on. I remember the first day meeting her andthinkingshe wasn’t that pretty. She was in her 30’s, and was quite popular with respectable clients. Once I heard her beautiful voice and getting to see her mannerisms, I became mesmerized by her — I had never met a woman like her before. She was different from anyone I had ever met, and for the first time in my life I found an escort I could admire.After getting to know her, I found her to bestrikinglybeautiful (inside and out). I could see what drew men to her…she had such an intoxicating persona, genuine and loving. She was extremely intelligent, sincerely sweet, and I suppose her age gave her a natural sex appeal (her and I shared clients, so I discovered she was quite ‘tuned’ with her sexuality). This woman actually changed my entire concept of beauty. Initially, I hardly noticed her, but after seeing the beauty of her inner-self, I became immensely attracted to her in every sense. What society tells us to desire in terms of beauty is NOT necessarily beauty, especially if it’s only shallow. In my city, the most popular girls vary. I’ve noticed there is always a huge demand for rare women who aren’t typically found in the business: For instance, if there is a lack of certain ethnic escorts in some areas, then these women can be popular due to their rareness. Again, it truly varies, because there is so much diversity in what is desirable within the sex industry.
  11. I have a problem with the terms associated with a prostitute: Bitch and whore. Sure, some prostitutes possess those qualities, but so cananywoman. Essentially, a prostitute and whore are two different things, but are often confused as the same thing, with the same meaning. The terms are further problematic since they are so vague, and can be interpreted differently. In a global modern context, a woman who sleeps around with men is known in derogatory terms as a ‘bitch’ or ‘whore.’A whore can be further subdivided into various interpretations and meanings.It can apply to a woman who manipulates men into giving her money – perhaps also termed a ‘gold digger.’ It can also be used to refer to a woman who enjoys sex. It can also imply a woman who lies and cheats her lovers/friends by scamming them. The term ‘bitch’ can also be applied to women with such traits. Somehow, these terms are also attributed to a prostitute. But there is a BIG difference between a whore and a prostitute. Although some prostitutes act like whores, one should not mistake all women who sell their bodies for being promiscuous, manipulative or scandalous. It’s not obvious: Most prostitutes have sex for money – not pleasure or fun. Many of us are not gold-diggers, nor do we manipulate men into taking their money. If a prostitute was to engage insex for funand manipulate men into giving her money (like a sugar daddie), then she placed herself in another category: a whore.There are prostitutes who act like ‘bitches’ and ‘whores’ despite selling themselves for money. They may act as gold-diggers on the side, and try to pretend to love older rich men for their money, but those traits cannot apply to the general population ofprostitutes. If you assume a prostitute is selling herself for pleasure, then you are ignoring that reality that most women are selling themselves for the sole purpose of survival. A whore, in terms of enjoying sex, is something I don’t condemn, so long its safe and doesn’t hurt others. But the notion of manipulation and deceiving others are acts I don’t accept.I do not manipulate or deceive my lovers in the other interpretations of ‘whore.’ I make my intentions clear.My clients who give me money are fully aware, just as I am, that it’s an exchange only. And the men I love…? They are aware of my intentions: I do not use them. In my view, despite the view of society, a prostitute is much more dignified than a gold digger. A gold digger searches around for rich wealthy men, promising them love and affection, hoping to get hands on their wealth in anindirectmanner. However, one must not judge even a gold digger — a lot of these girls start this type of lifestyle from a history of neglect. A prostitute, on the other hand, isdirect,straight-forward: I will give you my body in exchange for money. I have never pretended to love any man for his money, and I never will. As mentioned, I often stop seeing clients when they fall in love with me, because it makes me uncomfortable taking their money when they love me and I don’t love them at all. One incident overseas made me more strict about my ‘strictly business’ relationship with clients, but I will save that experience for another post. Finally, it may seem that my lovers serves as my ‘sugar-daddies’, but thats not the case at all. My lovers do spoil me, but it’s reciprocal as I enjoy their company and enjoy them as a person. Reciprocity is very important for loving, meaningful relationships. A woman once advised me, regarding my relationship with my client/lover: “Use him for his money. He’s going to leave you, so take all his money. Don’t be stupid…try to take money from him at every chance!” I disregarded her advice, because I feel grateful and content for his generosity already. I don’t seek to exploit him. This is the critical difference between that woman’s mentality and mine: I will not lower my dignity to exploit someone I love, or anyone for the record. I am comfortable with the amount he gives me, and if I seek more…..I know he will give it to me. However, I would not beg or manipulate him to get it. My pride is held in my self-reliance. The problem with assuming that these terms are the same is when we judge others. Not all women who love sex are prostitutes. Not all prostitutes are promiscuous. And not all scandalous, manipulative women are prostitutes. And most importantly, a woman who loves sex is not necessarily a bad person. Modern ideas of sexuality are socially constructed, and a lot of the ‘prudish’ ideas stem from Victorian Era repressive morality. Although not my usual type of music, the rap song, “You Wonder Why They Call you Bitch,” by Tupac gives an excellent, although heavily slanged, description of a promiscuous woman, with no self-respect, who sells and ends up destroying herself with her scandalous behaviour.
  12. I’ve seen all sorts of men from a variety of different backgrounds. Some men often fall into a client stereotype. Of course, there are always exceptions. For instance, there was a client I saw who was infamously known for lifting women over his shoulders, in the air, to lick between their legs. Or other unique clients, like the young 20-year old University student who used to book me for 8 hours at a time to only kiss and lick my hands, feet, and bottom (I suppose those two were quiteunique). Over the years, I’ve summarized a few commonalities I’ve observed of clients that are typically encountered in the “elite” world of Escorting and Brothels. I’ve discussed these types of clients with other working girls too, and we’ve all agreed on many of them. Take this with a grain of salt , as there is such a richness of diversity among clients that cannotbe simplified, categorized and classified. *I must note that this diversity of clients is less likely when an escort is a courtesan. A courtesan, for the most part, ‘pick’s and chooses’ her clients and see’s only those she finds suitable. The variety of clients I discuss below is from experiences within a brothel setting only. 1. The Client who always seeks “New” Girls: As an independent courtesan, I rarely see these types. Thankfully, undesirable clients like this are easily weeded out through screening. But in the brothel setting, this kind of client exists. By “new” girls I am referring to girls who are new to the sex industry, new to a particular brothel establishment, or new to an area (city). There are always a handful of these ‘soul-less’ clients who are waiting for the “new” girls, and they often have a disgusting agenda. The reasonings for seeking fresh-meat is simple: they are hoping they can exploit her, for the new girls are presumed to have no sense of control over what is allowed, and what is NOT allowed (in terms of sex). It’s common that these men lure naïve ‘new’ girls to perform sexual acts that she is not comfortable doing. These men are hoping to score big with sexual ‘extras’ that are typically not available (or cost more) from experienced prostitutes. I call these men ‘soul-less’ because they have sex that is essentially meaningless, with no true intimacy — how is it possible to establish meaningful sex when you constantly seek a new body? Tragically, many newcomers to the sex-industry do not have the assertiveness to set their boundaries. Some of these clients are predators looking to take advantage of them. These type of clients never see a girl more than once, unless they can continue to exploit her. They may appear charming, and even have wealth, but deep down they are deeplymisogynistic. Underneath the facade they are truly manipulative. They are also cheap, and do not leave tips for their ladies (they are trying to get as much sexual favors for the least amount of money). In my personal experience, I have seen these “house regulars,”…as every high-end prostitute experiences being a ‘new’ girl more often than once. Fortunately I am aware of these clients mentality, and soon enough they will realize that they cannot exploit me. 2. The Nice Guy who’s Single, Divorced, or Broke up with his Long-time Girlfriend: The name speaks for itself. Typically, these guys range from early 20’s to early 40’s. They are often the sweetest, most considerate men. They don’t usually see a variety of prostitutes, but rather often stay loyal to one or two escorts once they find a connection.These guys are not the type to look for sexelsewhere (ex: they don’t go to night-clubs, pubs, etc). This does not imply that they are undesirable by any means. In fact, they are often very desirable men — handsome, financially stable, etc — but they do not conform to social norms of interacting with women at conventional places. They tend to choose escorts that are intellectual and seemingly normal. As a client, they are totally self-less, and enjoying giving pleasure to a woman. It is very important for them to make sure the women is satisfied first. The problem is, these sweet “Nice Guy” clients fall in love too easily. I actually met a lovely man who fits this mold last week. He’s in his mid-30’s, educated, and he recently got divorced. We had a great time together, andpredictablyhe asked to take me out. I said no. He’s a great guy, but I am not looking for a serious relationship, as I’m already in love with another dream. A good percent of my clients over the years have been these type of men. My ex-fiance was one. Normally, I always said no when clients asked to take me out, but my ex and I were unique (we had so much in common, and he was the most respectful man I’d ever met). These men are looking for love ….in the wrong place. 3. The “Nice Guy” who’s MARRIED:I see a lot of these men too. Some of my best clients are married. While they are extremely lovely as clients, I hate the idea that they are cheating on their wives. The worst part is that married men are usually so loving, affectionate and respectful, which seems perfect ….BUT! Just knowing that sweet men are cheating translates back to my brain that seemingly pius, good men cheat on their wives!It is a very sad reality that fidelity between couples is diminishingdue to living in an agethat normalizes perverted, hedonist ideals. Be sure to check my questions and answers, because there are various sub-types of married clients. 4. The CLIENT (married or unmarried) with the Madonna-Whore Complex: These are the type of clients who want a prostitute to essentially ACT like what she is (in stereotypes): a vulgar, whore. I hate these men, as they have minds tailored by debauched societal values. They are the ones who watch porn and think that women actually enjoy those grotesque and degrading acts of “sex.” I have no problem with dominance and submission (BDSM) with two consenting partners, who both enjoy the acts. But there are clients who enjoy violence on others, feeling the recipient deserves being exploited, degraded and perhaps, harmed — this is sickening. For instance, a client may think it’s justifiable to treat a prostitute like ‘dirt’ because he’s internalized this idea that ‘whores are worthless.’ Thankfully, my clientele has not consisted of many of these men. They tend to like the plastic, trashy facade (fake breasts, plumped up injected lips, etc) — sadly. 5. The ASSETS MAN (The Breast men, the Ass Men) –Of course, my perspective on these clients is biased, because I have very large natural breasts. So naturally (no pun intended), I get plenty of thebig-breast lovers clients. Generally, there are two categories of breast men: 1. The Client who loves large breasts, regardless if they are fake or natural. 2. The Client who ONLY loves big natural breasts. Breast clients vary in what they want to do with a set of voluptuous breasts. Sometimes they want “Russian” (or “Spanish,” the lingo used in other countries), which is wrapping their penis between a woman’s breasts. Or some men love to suck the woman’s nipples for long durations, or just smothered their face in her breasts. Oh yes, and a minority of clients have a lactating fantasy. And then, there are the men who love/worship a woman’s bottom (her ass, her buttocks, …whatever you like to call it). But the assmen are often unique. I’ve encounter many different types of ass worshipers. There are some men who just admire the shape of a woman’s bottom, while others admire her actual “hole”……and there is another breed of men who find ultimate pleasure in licking a woman’s backside entirely. These men have no intention of having anal sex necessarily, but rather they just enjoy it as an asset. 6. The Fetish CLIENT: Fetishes vary from the individual. For instance, clients who love feet have their own methods for enjoying the experience. The same can be said for men who like women to dominate them. I will never forgot the first time I encountered men with fetishes. I was fresh to the industry, and I had no idea that men were so STRANGE! Why would a man want me to hurt him? Why would a man want to suck my toes? However, now….I see the pleasure in pain and in unconventionalthings. The modern society socializes us, indirectly, into normsof sex, but in reality there are great varieties of desire outside the current norms. Fetishes are not ‘strange’ to me anymore, because I embrace the variety of sexual desires. I enjoy fetish clients, I prefer them….they are always respectful and very considerate. It’s often a very fun, humorous experience, and I admit that I love when a man worships me at my feet, my ass, my breasts– everywhere. 7. The Pussy Lover: It sounds vulgar, but I couldn’t think of anything else to describe these men. Yes, there are some clients that get their ultimate pleasure in eating a woman’s private parts. A pussy lover client isn’t going down for her pleasure only, it’s more for his pleasure too! The difference between a ‘pussy lover’ and ‘nice guy’ is that a nice guy will lick a woman and see how her body responds. On the other hand, a ‘pussy lover’ will just go down on a woman, without asking her if she enjoys it or not (again, because it’s for his enjoyment too). Some men don’t realize that the act of ‘going down’ on a woman does not guarantee she will enjoy it. Good oral skills require technique and lots of feedback from the participant (the woman). To be honest, I really enjoy having a man’s face between my legs. I’ve always found it flattering and arousing, even though some men’s skills are lacking. There are some men who love it as a fetish. A pussy lover will not stop licking, even after the woman has orgasm. He can’t get enough of her juices. Being a prostitute, it’s rather funny because I used to think: How can you lick a woman without knowing her hygiene practices? But then I realized some men do not care, and they desire the scent and taste. They might kiss her skin, and cannot wait to feast between her legs and taste her juicy pussy. Many clientseagerly await to lick and taste me, without any hesitation. Maybe they detect that I like it? Or maybe they see a desirable woman and it’s their instinct to lick her from head-to-toe (and every part gets licked). I embrace men who love to satisfy their women sexually. Pussy-fetish men desire a woman’s scent/fluids (again, it’s to satisfy his pleasure). In any event, scents are very erotic. 8. The IDEAL client (Wham, Bham, Thank You Maam!): Firstly, I must note my bias in this: I only prefer ‘quick and sweet’ clients when I am in love with another man. Otherwise, I do embrace more intimacy with desirable clients, whom I genuinely enjoy. But most other escorts I’ve spoken with, realistically, prefer quick and easy clients. Yes, there are a minority of escorts who do derive pleasure from seeing clients (myself included), but again, the vast majority of prostitutes simply do not. So who is this ‘easy going’ client? Ahh, any woman who escorts will agree with me on this one. This client totally respects our job, and takes it for what is it: strictly business. He visits weekly, maybe bimonthly. The sex is easy, and predictable. It might even be good intimacy and foreplay. He is not demanding, and is considerate. He doesn’t waste time our time, nor does he try to pretend it’s a ‘real’ love connection. Best of all, he leaves a tip, and totally respects that it’s business (no emotional drama). When I was living overseas, one of my regular clients was this “ideal” client. He came every week. He was so predictable, and easy going. We always had the same conversations, andevery timehe would tell me I remind him of an ancient Egyptian goddess. He knew I would never date him, so for my comfort he never tried to intrude on my personal life. A quick act of sex..,he’s satisfied sexually and I’m paid, and then we’re finished. That went on for a good year until I left the country. While I was with my ex, I wished all my clients were like Mr ‘quick and easy.’ But in reality, most clients of mine want the closest to ‘love,’ which I don’t blame them. The reason these “ideal” clients are so rare is because most men want more than sex (with me personally). I have had great regular clients, but depending on my personal circumstances I may prefer appointments that are quick and sweet. Again, it really depends on my personal life. When I am in a relationship, I desire only being with my love. But when I am single, I am more open to more intimacy with good clients. In reality, most of my regular clients are seeking passionate love-making, endless conversation, cuddling, making me orgasm……..which sounds great, but honestly it’s a lot of work to get so intimate with someone I don’t love. 9. The Saudi Student: They get a category of their own, the Saudi students, because they are unique…and there are so many of them. I will do my best to avoid essentializing, because there are no such thing as innate ‘cultural’ traits. But Saudi students share some commonalities, reflecting their generous government scholarships and freshly tasted Liberal ideas in terms of mingling openly with women. Although Saudi guys have their unique personalities, they also have many traits as clients that have become common. For instance, Saudis students are less experienced in sex — But.. good boys learn quickly. Funny enough, a Saudi male friend of mine said that his own fellow nationals, “only know how to fuck like donkey’s”….but I would say that’s a bit harsh. I have found many Saudi men to be exceptionally romantic, and eager to please/learn. I mentioned how many of them aroused me despite lack of experience. Contrary to popular myth on the ‘dominating’ Muslim male, I find young Saudi men to be quite soft. They are very affectionate lovers. Again, my experience is biased.
  13. Секс за услуги

    У меня есть знакомая. Так она считает нормальным отсосать у таксиста за провоз. При чём спокойно так об этом рассказывает. И в ресторан один ходит и не платит там, так как спит за это с менеджером этого ресторана. Я уже привыкла к таким её откровениям, а новые знакомые просто охреневают=))) Но там дама вообще без каких-либо моральных принципов.
  14. Какой сайт на ваш взгляд переспективнее, на жасе год, жалко его бросать, но гесты и халявщики вымораживают, да и постояники какие то уже появились. На стриме сменила категорию и вроде народу прибавилось значительно и приваты есть, по деньгам так же как на жасе. Останавливает что на жасе растущий процент, но на стриме в общий чат халявщики не пишут, спокойнее. Я сегодня поняла что не вывожу 2 сайта сразу, народу и там и там дофига, и все пишут.
  15. И меня есть один писюн 19 см натурального вида. Хотелось бы еще прикупить черный и прозрачный инструмент. А вот аналом не занимаюсь, как то анальные игрушки и без надобности. Хотя заказчиков на анал очень много из мемберов.
  16. нижнее белье

    И корсет есть , но в нем неудобно конечно хотя и красиво , и стринги с бюстами( один быст даже есть мехом страусиным как я поняла отделан то бишь- перьями ) и купальник . Надеваю иногда или под одежду какую то или у меня есть такое дырчатое платье ( ну из разряда тех которые на пляже надевают что бы до ближайшего ларьки или кафе дойти) костюм тут эротичный кума подарила - выписала с Али что ли а он ей здорово велик. На меня как раз но он так красит- просто жеть уже сколько стирала и все равно и сама вся черная и одежда . Чулки закрасились - не отстирываются. Еще типа боди покупала не знаю как назвать то сверху типа мягкого корсета кружевного с такими фигнюшками которые к чулкам прицепляются а снизу трусики такие же. Хочу купить такое как назвать не знаю - видела тоже у кумы типа закрытого купальника но белье очень удобное и смотриться красиво у нее еще и цвет бежевый как будто обнаженное тело. и стоит говорит рублей 300 . Чулки тоже разные а вот колготки как то я очень редко - не удобно мне в них . Деньги будут свободные нужно прикупить- обновить .