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  1. Девочки привет!!! Я от них ездила,честно первый тур 3 недели был шикарный,но это было в декабре ,и они были на тер....потом их с тера выкинули,а это показатель,Девочки которые в Америке работают поймут...работала стало ооооочень мало,а расходов ооооочень много,к слову в Америке я работала не первый раз было с чем с равнивать ..но второй тур был ужасный,я была 1,5 месяца и увезла 10.000 т.,для сравнения с Европы я увозила эти деньги за неделю...я хочу сказать одно,что не надо тратить нервы ...,а в США ты постоянно в стрессе(((
  2. There are lots of ways for a girl to escort. Whether she operates her escorting business as an independent or works through an agency, every girl will run her escorting life according to her own priorities. For some escorts it is all about making the most money fast. For others, keeping a balance between escorting and the rest of their lives takes priority. But we were amused to see an escort ad which took balance to an extreme. “Busty redhead Ginger. I might be available. If I am you’ll love the experience. But I am usually busy. Try anyway.” To our not very great surprise Ginger was hard to reach. It took four emails and a few texts to line up a Skype call with Ginger who works in Boston. Just as her ad promised she had long, wavy, honey red hair and, just lounging in yoga pants and a t-shirt there was no question at all that she was busty. We mentioned that she was a hard girl to get. “I am. Not deliberately but I have a lot going on in my life and escorting is great but it can drive you crazy if you let it. I did a lot of crazy stuff when I worked in New York in my early twenties. It was all agency work and I worked for a really big agency. They could and would book their girls from eight in the morning until four in the morning and if you were signed on you took the dates you were sent to. It was totally nuts but, to be fair, really, really remunerative. I made bank. Redheads are always in demand and, honestly, at least half the male population is fixated on large breasts. My boobs are not actually that big, a D-cup; but I have a tiny torso. I wear a 34D bra off the rack but my actual band measurement is 32 and a half and I have half a dozen custom bras which actually fit. The other thing men like, even when they are not aware of it, is a little thing called “hip spring”. What that means is that you have a small waist but decent sized hips. Again, it is something I am blessed with naturally and a few hours a week in the gym or swimming and my waist stays very small. New York was lucrative but it was also insanely competitive. All those beautiful girls chasing after all these finance guys. Nuts. And, of course, the agency had steep fees so even when you were doing a date which cost your client $4000 you only saw $2000 if you were lucky. And don’t kid yourself, those big agencies are connected if you know what I mean, and if you think you are going to start building your own escorting business on the side you really quickly learn what a bad idea that would be. But, more than the muscle, it was the constant hustle and crazy hours which made me decide to get out of New York. I’d originally gone to New York as an intern on a fashion business website, which was crazy in itself, and, unlike the girls I worked with who either had trust funds or rich parents, I was on my own. Hence escorting. I was the only girl they hired after the internship which was great but not very lucrative. But, like the internship, only three days a week. Which left my weekends and two days free for the escort hustle. I scanned the web looking for something else to do somewhere else than New York. And, a couple of years ago, a Boston area accessories, bags and lingerie site needed an editor and I interviewed for the job and got it. OK, fast forward. Boston is a lot cheaper to live in than New York. Huge plus. I had some savings, actually, quite a few savings, from my New York years. I banked my tips religiously. Still do. The way I see escorting in my own life is as a source of a lot more money than I can earn editing a fashion site. I mean the site I work for pays OK and I am the third employee and I have a lot of options instead of actual money. We’ve grown to fourteen employees and I actually run a whole section of the site; but the cash money is still terrible. When I moved to Boston I had decided that if I was going to escort again it would be as an independent. Escort rates in Boston, like the rest of the country, are much lower than in New York; but if I cut out the agency I actually ended up making more per date. How much more? I had to figure that out. I also had to develop a new, not New York, escort persona. Who was “Ginger” going to be? What was her style? Who were her clients? When I first got into town and was looking for a place to stay permanently, I stayed in a cute little one bedroom AirBnB apartment. It was expensive and I didn’t want to touch my savings yet. So I signed up with an agency. I know, I said I wanted to be independent; but the advantage of working with an agency when you come to a new place is that you get all sorts of information. Everything from law enforcement tactics to bad dates lists are necessities for an escort and working for an agency is a quick way to get up to speed about a city. New York is, no question, the financial center of the universe and the guys there make stupid money; but Boston has a lot of very old money, a lot of trusts and investment funds and a lot of men who simply prefer not to deal with the craziness which is New York. The escort agency I worked with in New York was like a modeling agency constantly pitching its girls for huge prices, the Boston escort agency was much more like a temp agency of the old school finding “situations” for reliable young ladies. The agency was run by a woman who, I suspect, had relatives on the Mayflower. Miss Adison. She ran the agency with two equally pearls and twin set “bookers” from a rather stuffy office building in downtown Boston. I went in for an interview before I was “taken on the books”. Fortunately I had a reference from my New York agency. When I left there my main agent, hearing I was going to Boston, explained to me that the Boston agency was all about discretion. “If you pass the interview you’ll do well. But the interview is a bitch.” Indeed the interview would have been a bitch had I been the sort of girl who used that sort of language; but, as I am not, the interview – replete with tea in china cups and the ever challenging scone. (Hint: A scone is first broken in half (not cut) and is eaten piece by piece with first a little butter and then a little jam spread on each piece just before it is eaten. The butter, jam and or cream is always placed on your plate before being spread on the scone. Scones are an excellent test of manners because there are so many ways to make mistakes.) I had, I think wisely, worn a pretty, mid calf, cotton skirt in a tiny grey check, a really rather loose white cotton shirt and a light grey linen jacket. It was late September and still warm but I wore stockings and a pair of black flats. I was trying for a look between business girl and “nicely taken care of” young wife. The only give away was a vintage Hermes black Kelly bag. I was curious as to Miss Adison’s reaction to the bag. It went perfectly with the outfit but, if you knew what you were looking at, was about five price points up from the rest of my clothes. I needn’t have worried. As I was ushered into Miss Adison’s rather sleek, modern, office she held out her hand and then, looking at my Kelly, said, “I suspect we are going to get along wonderfully. I have that same bag in crocodile.” which was to say, “I like your $12,000 bag because I have the $40,000 version.” In any case I passed the interview. Not unexpectedly, Miss Adison, after tea, had me take off my skirt and shirt. “Real?” she said gesturing towards my breasts. “Yes, ma’am.” I said. “And are you a redhead below as well as above?” “Yes, ma’am. But well groomed.” I was put on the books. Unlike New York, Miss Adison had no objection to my working independently. Or, for that matter, taking bookings directly from regulars. “Not at all dear. The fact is that every escort I have ever known takes side bookings. However, what I would like you to do is pay us a 15% referral fee on subsequent dates with clients we have sent you. And, with new clients, we are happy to do your screening for you for a simple 15%. And, of course, once one of your gentlemen is in our system, should he make a date with one of our other girls you will receive a 15% referral fee. It is often quite a nice little income over the years.” The one thing which we did agree upon was that I would be on the agency books as a “casual”. What this meant was that I could book on when I had time but a minimum of one evening a week. As a casual I paid a little more commission per escorting date but my time was pretty much my own. As Miss Adison’s commission structure was 65/35 compared to the New York 50/50 I was more than happy to give up 5% for my freedom. My one night a week, which was and is Thursday, usually had one and sometimes two dates. Entirely outcalls and all to the nicer downtown hotels. Miss Adison had been running her escort business for years and the hotels were actually happy to accommodate her girls because they were always nicely dressed, polite and completely undramatic. One hint of trouble and a girl would lose Miss Adison and, in Boston, that was not a good thing. I started running my little ad when I had found a pleasant, if cozy, two bedroom apartment in one of the nicer neighbourhoods near downtown. In fact, Miss Adison had recommended the building as, relatively, escort friendly. “Lovely high ceilings, pre-War construction which means thick walls. Nice neighbourhood, parking. The owner is a friend.” But more than a little expensive. So up went my ad. My job was good because I only had to be in the office three full days a week. But they were full days, start at eight leave whenever the job was done which was usually eight or even ten in the evening. So those days were out for escorting. Thursday I had my regular engagement with Miss Adison’s escorting agency and I used Thursday to take care of things like hair appointments, an hour and a half at the gym, just the routine things. That left Friday and the weekend. For the dates I got from my ads I preferred to do them incall. But, truth to tell, I was also very busy on all three days. The company I worked with was willing to pay for classes in things like web design and SEO so I took advantage of that. I also liked to swim a couple of days a week. I had made a few friends and we liked to go out either Friday or Saturday night. My ad got lots of calls and emails. The “busty redhead” thing is always good for an escort. I had a little business smartphone – well encrypted I might add – but I tended to leave it off a lot. I’d realized in New York that doing a lot of escorting dates was incredibly stressful for me. Other girls have no problem; I found it difficult. So, rather than making myself crazy, I took a really casual approach. A lot of girls in the escorting business don’t like extended phone calls or emails, I am exactly the opposite. I like to talk to potential clients. Connect with them on the phone. Of course I screen, or, actually, I have Miss Adison screen for her percentage. But my screening is not screening in the conventional escorting sense. It is screening to see if I will be able to relate to my potential date. I hate dates where the guy just wants to get down to the consenting adults activity. I charge a lot for my dates but I don’t watch the clock. Miss Adison very much approves of my attitude and how I present myself. I have a certain, elegant, casual way of dressing. Mainly skirts for day, dresses for evening. Nothing exaggerated. With my figure I can wear a plain black knit dress with a very demure neckline and still turn heads when I walk into a room. Because of my job I have a lot of access to pretty, modern, lingerie and great things like Hermés bracelets. I can buy it all either wholesale or, often, as a sample which is even cheaper. I wish we did shoes but I have to buy those myself. I leave the towering Louboutins for the trampier escorts and sugar babies. I like a nice heel in the evening but during the day I prefer flats. I am tall enough that I really don’t need heels for day. I think there is nothing sexier than comfortable. If I am doing an outcall escorting date I will always dress down. What I am wearing underneath my pretty, very conservative, dress is for my client to discover later in the evening; but when we meet in the hotel bar or a restaurant I want him to be able to plausibly introduce me as a business associate if we run into someone he knows. Miss Adison believes that, at the higher end, an escort has a duty to look like a lady and I agree with her. I had really thought, after New York, that I would be a pure independent escort in Boston but the fact was Miss Adison made the whole casual escorting concept really workable. Miss Adison’s bookers are brilliant at screening and, often, they already have my client in their system which means I am good to go in five minutes. Such a luxury. I see, perhaps two or three independent dates a week at my apartment which is really all I need or want to see. Where possible I like to see my clients around cocktail hour or in the early evening. I will do an out call escorting date for Miss Adison later on a Thursday but prefer not to. I prefer to see older men, ideally fifty plus because they are usually much more confident and know exactly what they enjoy. “Ginger” – a name I have been called, like every red head, since I was a little girl – occupies a specific place in my life. My escorting persona can be tucked away when I am at my job. I don’t even take my escort phone. At the same time, Ginger and I share a dress sense in common although I am a little more fashion forward than my escorting other side: Miss Adison’s influence. I know I go on about Miss Adison but I wish every escort was lucky enough to have this sort of positive female role model in their lives. Ms. Adison – no one knows her first name – makes it a point to get to know her protégées. She will come to tea from time to time and is filled with good advice. “Escorting is not forever, dear.” she said when she told me to start banking at least half of what I made. When I had worked for her for nearly a year she called me out of the blue on a snowy February day and said, “Could you get a couple of days off your day job?” I asked why and all she would say is that I needed a vacation. I did too. And I could get a couple of days off. It turned out that a long standing and very wealthy client of hers wanted a bit of company in Barbados: fly in, stay a couple of villas over from where the old rogue was vacationing with his family and be available. Expenses paid, large tip, five days in the sun. I only saw Miss Adison’s client twice but I made sure he had a wonderful time. The perks of casual escorting. The other thing which Miss Adison has told me about escorting is that the girls who succeed realize early on that the business is not all about the sex. “Men like to pretend they hire escorts for sex. To get something which they are not getting at home. And they are half right. They are hiring a girl to get something they do not get at home: enthusiasm, permission, excitement, variety. Escorts are a wife’s best friend if she is wise enough to ignore the signs her husband may be seeing someone from time to time.” I think Miss Adison is right. Certainly my casual escorting dates are simply fun for the men I see. No drama, no threat to their marriage or their job; just a few hours with a girl who pays close attention to what they say and what they want. And, of course, for me casual escorting is an opportunity to make quite a lot of money safely and easily: what not to like?
  3. Every business interaction has its own set of unwritten rules. For example, ski masks are frowned upon for bank customers, even when it’s cold enough outside to shatter teeth. Banks know what to expect from their clients, and their clients generally know how not to get shot at. Completing a business transaction can be tricky however if the services provided are purchased through code words, acronyms and innuendo, and only a clear set of expectations can save you from a world of trouble. While this may sound like the first time you do your taxes on your own, there may actually be a more nerve-wrecking first time experience—and that’s your first time with an escort. Elise A. won’t do your taxes for you, but you’ll like what she does so much better. Elise is an escort operating on Vancouver Island, B.C. Although she’s fairly new to the business, she recently made the decision to go full-time and has had considerable exposure to all aspects of the industry through friends. Shortly after she had chosen to work as an escort on a full-time basis, Playboy called out of the blue and invited her to join their stable of live web cam talent in partnership with Hustler and Vivid Entertainment. Playboy doesn’t phone just anybody directly, so the dark-haired and curvy Elise knows what she’s doing. Between Playboy and her regular clients, Elise is a busy woman, but she’s happy to provide some advice for any potential first-time customers. What to expect from a first encounter with an escort depends on the kind of escort providing the encounter. “First of all, there’s the street kind or street walkers” said Elise. “The Wal-Mart variety, if you will. These girls tend to be the addicts and they’re very inexpensive,” she continued. “You get what you get, and hopefully the gentlemen don’t get a disease—same goes for the women.” Occasionally street girls will band together, get a motel room and then go to a local library to post their ads on Craigslist. “These girls are still classified as street walkers, only slightly more expensive,” said Elise. “They’re just street walkers with a room. Most will just work out of cars and alley ways.” Elise classifies herself as a escort, which she says is a whole different world from the hooker on the street. Elise works out of a well-appointed condo; she’s clean, safe and takes pride in the services she offers. The next level up from Elise is the courtesan—a classification Elise dreams of approaching some day. The courtesan is expensive and elite. She’s going to travel, and she may even research the company and the business her client owns in order to familiarize herself so she can easily blend in, as she may well be moving within his social circle. Any first encounter will start with a phone call. Elise uses that first contact with a prospective client to put the client at ease, and to discover what the client is looking for. “Every escort is different, and it really comes down to what the gentleman wants,” said Elise. “He’s the one with the cash. It’s his fantasy, and a good escort can help him figure out what that is.” However, if a client wants to learn more about what to ask for he can go online to pick up some of the lingo.There are also escort review websites that can tell them who to avoid, and who is very good. A client can join these sites for free, and review as a guest. If you don’t know whether you’d prefer the GFE or the PSE, a first-timer may want to brush up on the lingo, because those three letters denote very different experiences. The Girlfriend Experience means kissing, cuddling and cunnilingus. The Porn Star Experience means a bareback blowjob (no condom) and the client can cum in the escorts mouth or on her face. Often, PSE can cost considerably more than GFE. If you call an escort from a blocked number or pay phone, she’ll likely talk with you but she’ll ask that you call back from an un-blocked number. If you’re wanting an out-call visit to your home or hotel room, the escort will ask for the hotel name and room number. She’ll call the room ahead of time to ensure you answer. An escort will also expect that 50% of first-time callers will lie about their names, even though the escort typically is only asking for a first name. “It’s really funny,” said Elise. “I’ll always know if they gave me a fake name in the heat of passion. I’ll call out the name they gave me to let them know I’m enjoying it and they sort of bristle.” If you’re going to lie about your name to an escort, at least be original. The most commonly used names are Dave, Jim, Mark and ironically, John. Elise will ask questions of her clients to find out what they’re looking for, what would make them happy and what would make it special. If it’s your first time you may want to ask the escort a few questions of your own. One important question may be whether the escort allows for MSOG—multiple shots on goal. This question determines whether the client is allowed more than one orgasm per session. “For some escorts it doesn’t matter how much time they’ve paid for,” said Elise. “If they cum they’re done.” Escorts who work for agencies must often work around stricter rules than girls like Elise who are independent. “Agencies are strict about those things and about time,” said Elise. “When that buzzer goes off and you’re in the middle of intercourse you get off the gentleman and leave. Independent girls make their own rules, so we can offer gentlemen a block of time and let our passion dictate what happens instead. I want my client to feel spoiled, pampered and to get every minute he pays for.” While passion matters, it is after all a business transaction. Elise will meet you at the door in lingerie, give you a hug and a kiss, but she expects to be paid within the first five minutes. “I’ll ask him if we can take care of business so we can have our play time. They’ll know ahead of time what the donation is.” Elise prefers her cash in an envelope, because it makes it a little nicer. She’s too polite to count it in front of a client, but she’ll leave the room momentarily to ensure she’s not being short-changed. Those first minutes at the door are important, as it’s the client’s chance to see the escort in full light and to make sure he’s not falling victim to a bait and switch. Much like anything, it’s normal to be nervous the first time. A good escort will know how to ease the transition to the bedroom. “Some are so nervous I have to make them coffee and we’ll sit and chat for twenty minutes before leading him to the bedroom,” said Elise. “I do hear from clients that some ads are misleading,” said Elise. “The girls don’t look like their pictures or it’s not what he was expecting.” Once the clothes come off, there are no refunds so it’s important for a client to ensure he’s getting what he wants. An escort is equally free to make judgements about you, and free to turn you away without explanation. Elise has turned clients away for behaving badly, or simply because they gave her a bad feeling. Sharing what you’re looking for with the escort beforehand will guarantee that when you finally reach that bedroom, you’re getting what you came for. If you want your mind blown when you get there, give the escort as much information as you can to make sure it happens. If you have a particular fetish, let her know ahead of time so she can be prepared with the appropriate props, toys or costumes. “I want his time with me to be an hour of pure indulgence,” said Elise. “I want to make sure he feels spoiled and pampered, and every desire is met.” Now play safe, play nice and have fun.
  4. While many clients are completely satisfied by an encounter with a traditional escort who provides a girlfriend experience, others are intrigued by the opportunity to meet up with their favorite porn star for a hard-core date. Porn escorts are not the newest trend to hit the scene in the escort industry, but they are, by far, the most expensive options that a client can pursue. Commanding thousands of dollars for a single hour of companionship, porn escorts rely on their reputation and celebrity status among pornography fans to garner them bookings to accentuate their already-full filming schedules. Some clients think it would be a dream come true to get the chance to get it on with a pornography film actress. But what many of them don’t realize is that there are pros and cons, both, to setting up an encounter with someone so well established in the porn industry. In order to make a well-informed decision about whether booking a porn escort is right for you, it’s important to get the lowdown about what you should expect: Many porn escorts do not openly advertise their services. Because they are busy marketing their other merchandise or services (videos, photos, calendars and personal appearances), porn actresses don’t often publicly announce to their fans that they offer escort services, too. Their websites market to their fans, and most of their admirers cannot afford the rates they charge for private meetings. It’s easiest to book an encounter through an agency that specializes in providing opportunities to meet and enjoy popular porn actresses who provide escort services. However, that means locating an agency that specializes in these types of escorts. Some clients attempt to make contact directly with a porn star in hopes of obtaining a booking. Through a porn star’s website, she will provide a “contact” page or option where a client can input his request, along with information about how she can reply to him. Some men never get responses. However, some porn escorts do reply with their rates and special requirements. Many clients are able to get the ball rolling to book encounters through meeting face-to-face during personal appearances, too. Porn escorts are extremely exclusive about the types of clients they accept. Because they do not have lots of time to engage with clients, the ones they do see must be special. They reserve their time for select clientele who have incomes and wealth that allow them to have funds available to afford their expensive rates. Additionally, like any other celebrity, any client has to be well screened in order to obtain an encounter. Celebrities have even more trouble with stalkers or fans who become serious problems due to their obsessions with them than traditional escorts do. And, because porn is enjoyed by such a diverse demographic base, it’s difficult to discern between the “nice, normal fans” and the “fanatical, obsessive fans”. As a result, they must be extremely choosey when it comes to clients in order to avoid difficult issues that not only put them in danger but may also require a restraining order. Expensive rates discourage many clients from booking encounters with porn escorts. Business professionals are always taught about supply and demand principles, providing the basis for why goods that are in high demand, but in low supply always cost more than others that are more readily available. The same concepts apply for the methods that a porn escort uses to set her rates. Because there are so many fewer porn escorts serving clients in the escort industry, they are able to charge premium rates for their time. In addition to the supply/demand theory, porn actresses can command huge fees due to their name and face recognition among clients and fans. They are known for specific sexual acts they’ve demonstrated on film or in videos, and many fans claim it’s an ultimate fantasy to “make it” with their favorite porn star. In fact, it’s such a huge fantasy that they are willing to pay outrageous amounts of money for the chance to make it happen. Most porn escorts require a deposit up front to hold a booking slot. All escorts’ time is very valuable to them. However, a porn escort feels that her time is even more worthy due to the amount of money she can receive for it. To ensure that a client is capable of paying the high rates requested by a porn escort, she may require an up-front deposit before securing an encounter with a client. Porn escorts, just like other providers in the industry, receive numerous false alarms from clients who are actually timewasters or won’t follow through a booked encounter. So they don’t lose out on income they can potentially make, porn escorts make a deposit a booking condition. Additionally, it also works to ease the mind of an escort to think that a client is willing to pay up front for her time. Some porn escorts provide services that other escorts do not. Because their service is so exclusive and limited to only a few clients per year, they may offer unprotected services to select clients. If intimacies without condoms will be part of the activities included in an encounter, a porn escort may insist that her client undergo STD testing at a clinic of her specification. This may require advance planning, along with a client’s cooperation in order to provide a clean bill of health. Clients who are interested in bareback services should plan to reserve time with a porn escort with plenty of advance warning. This kind of testing and screening can’t be done on a whim. Porn escorts are the best providers of the “porn star experience,” aka PSE. While other escorts in the industry may offer the PSE, they aren’t true porn stars in order to know what the experience should entail. Essentially, a PSE encounter should be centered around raw, hardcore sexual activities. All physical activities should be void of human emotion or passion, except in their most sexual, raw forms. The experience is based solely on sexual fulfillment, not any personal attachments that is usually provided in a girlfriend experience. The PSE is intended to leave clients feeling as physically satisfied at the end of the encounter, as any GFE would. Anal sexual intercourse, facials (ejaculation on the face or neck) and strap-on penetration are typical parts of the PSE. Many porn escorts will provide unprotected oral sex and allow a client to climax their mouths, as long as they’ve consented to STD testing. In a nutshell, the porn star experience should leave a client physically drained from the sexual experience, despite the high he rides from the intensity he just encountered. Girlfriend experiences (GFEs) are available from porn star escorts, too. Even though many clients expect a raw, hardcore encounter when they book with a porn escort, those who want a more tender experience can request the GFE. After watching a favored porn actress in video after video, many clients develop an affection for her, sometimes fantasizing about what it would be like to have her as a significant other. A GFE gives these tenderhearted types of clients a chance to worship and adore a porn actress, in addition to receiving affection from her, too. Getting the chance to physically and emotionally connect with a porn star is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most men, and it’s a service that porn star escorts get requests for frequently. Don’t naturally assume that an encounter with an escort has to be a raunchy, hardcore one. Clients should expect costs in addition to the rates that a porn escort charges for an encounter. Even if it’s not something clients may want to think about, a porn star is a celebrity (like any other) and may be accustomed to having her own way about accommodations, refreshments and other comforts that will make her time during the encounter more enjoyable. While most porn actresses aren’t in full diva mode, many will require that a client book a five-star hotel suite, order specific items from room service and provide other gifts or trinkets for her time. Also, clients should also factor in costs associated with travel. If a client is traveling to a porn escort, airfare or other costs may be incurred. (In turn, if a porn escort must travel to a client, her accommodations and travel costs will be paid by the client, too.) Unless a porn escort is touring in your town, the expense for hiring a porn escort can become quite extensive. A porn escort has a difficult schedule to fit into. Clients should expect that they will have to book several weeks, if not months, ahead of time in order to obtain an encounter. Porn actresses have erratic filming schedules that are quite hectic and may require ample recovery time in order to be ready for escorting clients. Booking in advance for a porn escort should not only be expected, but it also demonstrates how special the opportunity is. While a client may be able to, on a whim, schedule an encounter with a traditional escort, the requirement to plan much ahead of time emphasizes even more how exclusive the client lists and availability are for porn escorts. Much like the difference between being able to schedule immediately with your regular doctor, a specialist is much more difficult to get into. Clients who want to book a porn actress have to have patience and the ability to plan into the future. Porn escorts provide services to clients to make extra money, just as any other escort might. Through her film career, a porn actress may bring in $100,000 to $200,000 annually, which is a decent chunk of change. However, because she develops an expensive lifestyle or elaborate tastes, she may want to bolster her income. (The porn industry is also quite volatile right now, with free porn being available on the Internet and pirated videos available all over the place.) Porn actresses have great advantages over women who want to supplement their other incomes, because they can capitalize on their celebrity name or reputation. In addition to escorting, they also make substantial money from personal appearances at night clubs or gentleman’s entertainment venues. Sometimes, the fees they earn from appearances actually exceed the rates they make for their films. Clients sometimes have too high of expectations for encounters with porn escorts. After watching a porn actress over and over in a favorite video, a client may have fantasized that an encounter with her would be the best sex of his life. After dreaming about it for awhile, a client may actually build the experience up to unreasonable goals. Even though a porn escort is extremely talented at what she does, she is just a woman, and sex is just sex. She can’t perform immortal or magical tricks. However, if the connection and chemistry is right, she may be able to make a client’s toes curl. But if a client expects too much from the experience, he may leave disappointed. Some clients find they get stage fright when they book an encounter with a famous porn escort. Just like fans sometimes become tongue-tied or star struck when they meet an admired celebrity or movie star, clients may get extremely nervous in the presence of a porn escort, making them impotent or unable to perform. It’s extremely challenging for a porn escort to help a client get past his initial reaction to being with her. Clients do best when they think of their escort as any other woman, not the lady they jerk off to every night. Getting a conversation going with a porn escort is important for both the escort and client to be able to enjoy themselves. The encounter can be extremely awkward if a client is too stiff or anxious to engage in traditional chit-chat. Porn actresses are just like any other escort and like to talk about hobbies, the weather, current events or sex, in general. Conversation with a porn escort is essential, especially since many clients book longer blocks of time with a celebrity. Being able to talk about real life between “activities” will make the experience much better. Many porn escorts look different in real life than they do on screen. Because their images are highly edited or airbrushed and camera angles are used to increase their attractiveness, many porn actresses do not seem as beautiful in the flesh as they do in their videos or pictures. Having the help of professional hair stylists and make-up artists between scenes keep a porn actress looking her best. However, when she is with you, she may not have those experts by her side to help her maintain her flawless image. Some clients are disappointed to discover that the porn actress they’ve admired forever on screen is not really as beautiful as she seemed. Lack of enthusiasm is an issue complained about by many clients of porn escorts. Despite their excited, breathless performances in videos, many porn escorts are less than thrilled to be engaging in intimate activities with their balding, chubby clients. Some escorts reveal in anonymous, candid blogs that they develop friendly relationships with their on-screen partners, so sex with them is enjoyable. However, having intercourse with a complete stranger for money is something different than they anticipated, so they lay there until it’s over. Others simply rely on their celeb status to impress clients. Some think they do not have to perform, as their presence, alone, is worth the money spent by the client. This is not the case with all porn escorts. But in the industry, as a whole, there are good and bad escorts, too.
  5. 3G - Get In. Get off. Get out. 411 - Information, intelligence, intel. e.g. “I got the 411 on her from hobbyhorse”. In the context of online forums requests for information about ASPs are labeled “411“, e.g., “411 Redhead Rianna”. 420 or 420 friendly - An ASP that will smoke marijuana with you. A bit of advice: Adding drugs to your hobbying mix tends to give you a MUCH larger profile on Uncle Leo’s radar. An ASP who has a rep for being 420-friendly is likely getting way more attention from Uncle Leo than the more conservative hobbyists would prefer. 69 - Mutual, simultaneous oral sex. $ - The dollar sign (or collection of dollar signs) is sometimes used imply the price range of the services offered/provided. E.g., $ = $100, $$ = $200, $$$ = $300 and so on. Often .5 signifies $50, so $$.5 would mean $250. A - Back to top Escort terms starting with A AAMP - Apartment-based Asian massage parlor, as opposed to a commercial establishment. ABC -American-born Chinese, also known as “banana”: yellow outside, white inside. ABJ - American-born Japanese. AC/DC - Bisexual. A-Level - British parlance for anal sex. See also Greek. abrasion - Rubbing the body with a variety of materials from raw silk to leather to sandpaper. adult baby creche A parent-child roleplay with one participant taking care of another. Also called ageplay, it can include the wearing and changing of diapers as well as bottle feeding. agency - An organization or individual that manages many providers. The agency handles all calls, bookings and advertising. The agency takes a percentage of the fee for each session. Ageplay Scenes in which at least one participant pretends to be significantly younger than he or she actually is. All covered Also all covered play. With condom. amazon A tall, strong, often masculine woman. AMP Asian Massage Parlor. animal play Animal transformation fantasy: Games and scenes in which the sub (bottom) acts or dresses like a dog, cat, horse, etc. See ponyboy, ponygirl. AO Will see Asian clients only. ASP Adult Service Provider. analingus aka “Asian”: oral stimulation of the anus. Around The World Rimming. Oral sex on the anus of either sex, analingus Three acts in a session: oral, vaginal and anal Analingus and fellatio Asian Oral sex on the anus of either sex, analingus, aka rimming, DATO. Asian Cowgirl cowgirl with girl squatting. ATF All Time Favorite. ATM Ass To Mouth. Penis, finger or toy comes out of receiver’s anus, and goes directly into receiver’s mouth. attempts Trying to reach orgasm. e.g. ASP allowed multiple attempts: means the ASP allows more than one orgasm per session if the client is able and interested. aka MSOG. Aunt Flo Menstruation, period. ‘Being visited by Aunt Flo‘. B Back to top B&D Bondage and Discipline. B&S, bait & switch Describes a situation where ASP advertisements, which may include photos, written or verbal descriptions, do not match the ASP who shows up, or which has been grossly misrepresented the ASP. babyback Petite, young, attractive Asian woman. baby dyke A young lesbian or someone who is just coming out of the closet. bag Condom, with a condom, e.g. “BJ in a bag” = CBJ or “I filled the bag” = orgasm. Baja Sur Genitals. From the Spanish “the low south”. balloons Breast implants. bare back, bareback, BB Without a condom. Depending upon context it may be used as shorthand for intercourse without a condom (BBFS). barracuda An ASP whose only purpose is to separate you from your money as quickly as possible, preferably without giving you anything in return. Batin Groin massage, but sometimes means hand job (from Malaysia). BBBJ Bare Back Blow Job. fellatio without a condom; aka “un-translated French” (UTF). BBBJNQNS Bare Back Blow Job No Quit No Spit; oral sex performed to completion with swallowing. BBBJTC Bareback Blowjob To Completion. Oral stimulation of the penis to orgasm without a condom. (May spit or swallow), aka CIM. BBBJTCWS Bare Back Blow Job to Completion with Swallowing. BBBJWF Bareback Blowjob With Facial. BBFS Sexual intercourse without a condom. BBK Big beautiful knockers. BBW Big Beautiful Woman. An escort, ASP, who caters to clientele that prefer overweight, obese women. BCD Behind Closed Doors. Often used to mean activities that will be described to a privileged listener or nobody at all. BDSM Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism. This is a catch-all to refer to the various aspects of negotiated, mutually consensual exchange of power between two consenting adults. Regardless of the depth of the relationship, consent, safety and sanity are the cornerstone of this lifestyle. Bear A large hairy (homosexual) man. beard A person of the opposite sex who marries or dates a closeted lesbian or gay person to cover up their homosexuality. In the past, often lesbians married gay men so that both could “pass” as straight, either for work or for their families. beret A condom. BF boyfriend. BFE Boyfriend Experience, A subjective term used primarily by ASP to describe good clients. birdwatching BBBJTCWS or CIM and ASP swallows. See BBBJNQNS, NQNS. bisexual A person who is sexually and emotionally attracted to both women and men. blackhole Anus. blue pill or blue steel Viagra. BJ Blow job, fellatio, French. Oral stimulation of the penis. BL Body Lick. BLS Ball Licking and Sucking. BNG Blow-n-go, a 15-minute oral-only session. Body-Rub A massage or massage-like service. Used instead of “massage”, usually to indicate sexual stimulation (usually a handjob) is included and the person performing the service is not licensed as a massage therapist, aka FBSM, Sensual Massage. Bondage chair A piece of furniture, sometimes a very complex one, with varying number of restraints to keep a sub at dom’s mercy. Boston Marriage In the late nineteenth century, it was common for two unmarried women to share a home. Many women, particularly those who were college educated, lived in long-term unions with other women. These relationships became known as “Boston Marriages”. Bottom In homosexual parlance: the passive partner. In BDSM: the submissive. Breath control A type of BDSM play in which the Dom controls the Sub‘s access to oxygen. Can be dangerous. brown eye Anus. brown shower Defecation on your partner. BS or body slide Service where the ASP may slide their body on the client’s body using oil. BSB Bus stop babe. bukkake A variety of fetish that involves repeated ejaculation of a female by many men. See also gokkon. bulldagger A term that was used in the 1920s to define a very butch lesbian. Often African American. bulldyke A very masculine lesbian. businessmen-only, gentlemen-only or professional-only A subjective request used in ASP advertising as a pre-screen for clients. The ASP posts this in hopes of attracting “better” clientele. butch A woman who adopts what would be considered masculine characteristics. Also a masculine homosexual. butter face A women whose body is very attractive, but her face is not. Everything looks good but ‘er face. C Back to top Camp Effeminate male – from KAMP, Known As Male Prostitute. canine, K9 See Doggy style. cash and dash A rip-off. The person posing as an ASP shows up, takes your money, doesn’t provide any services or might offer to “dance” (but more often than not does not), and leaves with the cash, aka dance and dash, ROB. CBJ Covered Blow Job. Blowjob or with a condom on, aka translated French (TF). CBT Cock and ball torture: application of clamps, cages, weights, wax, etc to male genitals as either punishment or tease and denial. Can be dangerous. CC Rider An ASP who is FS for $200/hr or less. The “CC” bit is the Roman numeral for 200. CCL Concentration Camp Look. CD cross-dresser. A person, and especially a male who adopts the dress and often the behavior typical of the opposite gender especially for purposes of emotional or sexual gratification. A person who sometimes wears the clothing and aesthetics of a gender other than the one they typically wear in their daily lives. See also transvestite CDS Covered Doggy Style. CFM Come Fuck Me, usually refer to the look of a person. CFS Covered Full Service. Sexual intercourse (coitus) with a condom. CG Cowgirl: she’s on top facing you. Chump A man who gives his money and/or his attention to women without getting any pussy in return. Largely a phenomenon experienced by American men when dating American women. CID Cum In Deep. The provider lets you come inside her with no condom. See BBFS. CIH Cum in Hair. CIM Cum In Mouth (in the context of fellatio without a condom (UTF/BBBJ)), see also NQNS, BBBJTC. civilian A person who makes them self available for sexual encounters but not for financial gain. May be less discreet than an ASP and more interested in a relationship. Not to be confused with non-pro. CL Craig’s List. The classifieds board of the internet, and formerly a free place for providers to advertise. Not so much a of player since the removal of Adult and Erotic services. clock watcher An ASP who counts the minutes until the session is over. Usually used to describe an ASP who rushes and does not enjoy her work. CMD Carpet Matches Drapes (typically a natural blonde). CMP Chinese Massage Parlor. CMT Certified Massage Therapist. Generally a CMT is not an ASP. While an ASP specializing in massage services might be a CMT, it is unwise to assume a CMT is an ASP. Very unwise. COB Cum On Body. Man ejaculates on a woman’s body. COF Cum On Face. Man ejaculates on woman’s face, aka face painting or facial. COH Cum on Hair. Cottage To cottage: to look for sexual partners in public bathrooms. Synonym: to cruise. coitus Sexual intercourse characterized by the male penis entering the female vagina. collar and cuffs match A euphemism to indicate that pubic hair color matches color of the hair on the head; natural hair coloring. Sometimes also referred to as ‘carpet & curtains match’. COM Cum Over Mouth (in the context of fellatio without a condom (UTF/BBBJ)). Lots of women hate swallowing so use the term C-0-M instead of C-I-M. commercial company a euphemism for prostitution generally used by truckers. completion Orgasm. e.g. Bareback blowjob to completion. cover A condom. covered Various measures, such as the use of condoms or dental dams, are taken to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. (e.g. Covered Blowjob means a condom was used.). Cowgirl ‘Girl on top’ position for sexual intercourse. Sometimes abbreviated CG (though this can be confused with the abbreviation for Call Girl as well. Mind the context for clarification.). crime scene action Sexual activity during the provider’s period (while menstruating). See also red wings. crone The word “crone” was (and in some circles still is) a derogatory term for an old woman. In the 1970s, during the feminist movement, lesbians began to adopt the word crone to mean a wise older woman. Today, in lesbian and feminist circles, a crone is a wise older woman whose life experience demands that she be treated with respect. cruising Looking for prostitutes while driving. Cyber-equivalents aren’t hard to imagine. Also, in homosexual slang, this is the same as “cottaging“. crushing Fetish relating to dominance and control; a desire to see small, defenseless animals crushed under women’s high heels. cunnilingus Oral stimulation of a woman’s genitalia. ‘giving head’ to a woman. ‘going down on’ a woman. cups of coffee Orgasms, e.g. multiple cups of coffee means the provider allows more than one orgasm. D Back to top dance and dash A rip-off. The person posing as an ASP shows up, takes your money, doesn’t provide any services or might offer to “dance” (but more often than not does not), and leaves with the cash. See cash and dash, ROB. DAP Digital anal probe, see digital penetration, aka digits. date (1) A session with an ASP. (2) A person who patronizes an ASP. date rape drug Rohypnol (generic name flunitrazepam) has been associated with date rape, and has also been called the “Forget Pill,” “Trip-and-Fall,” and “Mind-Erasers.” In combination with alcohol, it can induce a blackout with memory loss and a decrease in resistance. Girls and women around the country have reported being raped after being involuntarily sedated with Rohypnol, which was often slipped into their drink by an attacker. The drug has no taste or odor so the victims don’t realize what is happening. About ten minutes after ingesting the drug, the woman may feel dizzy and disoriented, simultaneously too hot and too cold, or nauseated. She may experience difficulty speaking and moving, and then pass out. Such victims have no memories of what happened while under the drug’s influence. DATO Dining At The O. Analingus, oral stimulation of the anus. See also rimming and Asian. DATY Dine At The “Y”; cunnilingus. DDE Doesn’t Do Extras. Implies the ASP has a very limited and stringently adhered to menu. DDF Drug and Disease Free. DDG Drop Dead Gorgeous. DDP Double Digit Penetration (vagina and anus). deep throat or DT fellatio where the whole length of the penis is “swallowed”. defender A hobbyist who defends or “comes to the rescue” of a provider who has been reviewed or spoken of poorly, regardless of whether the review or comments are accurate, aka White Knight. deposit a payment in advance of a session. Deposits are usually used by ASPs as a hedge against no-shows. DFE Dead Fish Experience. DFF Dead Fish Fuck. DFK Deep French Kissing. Kissing with deep, substantial tongue contact. diesel dyke A very butch or manly lesbian, especially one who is very aggressive. digital penetration Insertion of the fingers (or toes) in the vagina or anus for the purpose of sexual stimulation. This has nothing to do with the insertion of digital devices up anyone’s orifice—hold on to those iPads! Dirty Sanchez When two people engage in anal sex, then the person who has been ‘giving it’ to the other’s ass takes his penis or penis-like implement and rubs it on the other person’s upper lip leaving a moustache. DIY Do It Yourself (masturbation). See also self-service. doggie style Rear entry position for sexual intercourse. See Spanish. Dominant In BDSM, a person who administers the training to a submissive. Often shortened to Dom. donation A euphemism for a payment to an ASP. Generally considered a feeble dodge against legal concerns: after all if you are giving the ASP a donation or gift, you are not paying for sex. double penetration when a person (generally a female) has two objects (generally penises) simultaneously inserted in any two of the mouth, anus or vagina (most commonly the anus and vagina). doubles A threesome with two ASPs. DP Double Penetration Digital Penetration Drag king A woman who dresses to look like a man, usually for performance. Drag kings are often lesbian, but not always. Drag queen A male who dresses like a female, usually for performance. DS doggiestyle. DSL Dick-sucking lips. DT or deep throat fellatio where the whole length of the penis is “swallowed”. dyke Another word for lesbian. Usually is only used by people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans. A straight person using this word may offend some people. E Back to top ED Erectile Dysfunction. EE Erotic Enema. Ellie Law Enforcement. The euphemism stems from the fact that people would refer to Law Enforcement with the abbreviation, “LE”. When expressed phonetically it was confused with the female name, “Ellie“. Since confusion and chaos rule despite people’s best efforts—. EMA Extra-Marital-Affairs. Affairs after marriage, but before divorce. EMP European Massage Parlor (white girls). English Segment of bondage and discipline; including spanking /whipping. enhancements Implants, most commonly breast implants, but sometimes penile implants (depending upon context). envelope Often cash payments for an ASP’s services are placed in an envelope. Rather than handing the ASP cash directly, or discussing money, the envelope is left in a conspicuous location for the ASP to discreetly pick up. EOM End of Message. Used in a subject line of a forum post to indicate no further content in body of message—where the title is intended to be sufficient. escort definition An escort is an Adult entertainer who is compensated for his or her time and companionship. escort mall, mall A website that advertises many different ASPs. The ASPs may be independent or agency, and may or may not be associated with each other, or with the mall. F Back to top F2F A female doing something to (providing a service for) a female. f2m A female doing something to (providing a service for) a male. face painting Man ejaculates on woman’s face, aka facial or COF. face sitting In BDSM, a form of erotic humiliation, whereby the dom sits on the face of a sub to force oral-genital or oral-anal contact. facial Man ejaculates on woman’s face, aka face painting or COF. Fag hag A woman who likes homosexual males. Fairy A male homosexual. FBSM Full Body Sensual Massage. A massage usually ending with a hand job. Often times the provider is nude or topless, aka Body Rub, Sensual Massage. Spelled “FBSM+”, means “with a bonus” and usually means a BJ. fellatio Oral stimulation of the penis, aka Blow Job (BJ), ‘giving head’ (f2m or m2m). femme A feminine lesbian, cf. butch. FDAU Face down, ass up. FFF The strategy of “Find them, Fuck them, Forget them”. fisting The act or art of putting a fist in an anus or vagina. Apparently a very popular practice among more evolved (kinky) gays. It requires great care and huge amounts of lubrication. FIA Finger In Ass. FIR Finger In Rear. Fire and ice providing a blowjob with the mouth filled alternately with hot tea and ice. FIV Finger In Vagina, digital stimulations. Five-O A police officer (uniformed or undercover). The cultural reference stems from the 1970’s TV show “Hawaii 5-O”, which derived its name from the name for Hawaii State Police force. FJ Foot Job. Stimulation of the penis using feet and toes. FK French Kissing. FKK Frei Körper Kultur, German nudist subculture. FL Free Lance. flake One who exhibits flaky or erratic behavior. Often used to describe ASPs or hobbyists who no-show and/or have scheduling issues. FMF Threesome designation: female, male, female. FOB Fresh off the boat, a recent immigrant. FOBU Fat-Old-Bald-Ugly. FOTC Fuck Of The Century. FOV Finger Outside Vagina. FR Field Report, Fuck Review. Foot fetish aka Foot warship – intense sexual interest in the shape, size, smell, texture and other characteristic of a foot. French Oral stimulation of the penis. Fellatio. “Translated” = with a condom. “Untranslated” = without a condom. French Kissing Kissing on mouth with tongue contact French letter Condom. FS Full service. Sexual intercourse (coitus) to completion. FTF Fun To Fuck. FUD Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. What some (asshole) posters try to spread when they post on public forums with false accusations of LE activity and STD outbreaks. full meal deal Sexual intercourse (coitus) to completion, aka Full Service. FUTB Finger Up The Butt. G Back to top Gayborhood A gayborhood is a gay-friendly neighborhood or an area of town where gays and lesbians are known to live. Gaydar The ability to determine who is and isn’t gay. Gay dirt An attractive young male used by the police to entrap homosexuals. gender expression The physical manifestation of one’s gender identity, usually expressed through clothing, mannerisms, and chosen names. gender identity A person’s internal sense of being a man or woman or boy or girl. For transgender people, their gender identity will not match the gender with which they were born. gender identity disorder A term used by physicians and psychologists to classify people who are transgender or transsexual. gender variance Behavior that is different from traditionally defined “masculine” in males and “feminine” in females. genderqueer Someone who transgresses boundaries of gender identity and sexual orientation. gentlemen only businessmen-only or professional-only. A subjective request used in ASP advertising as a pre-screen for clients. The ASP posts this in hopes of attracting a “better” clientele. Get brain Receive a blowjob. get comfortable Get naked. As a feeble dodge of law enforcement, an ASP may ask a client to “get comfortable” or “make yourself comfortable” before a session, this means to get fully undressed. GF Girlfriend. GFE Girlfriend Experience. A frequently used, but utterly nebulous term. It refers to a session that is more like lovemaking with a girlfriend than a commercial service, whatever that means! It generally implies more about the tone & tenor of the session than about specific services provided, but many believe GFE should include the possibility of DFK, DATY, UTF and a broad array of FS positions. GF3 Girlfriend experience with all three holes. girl crush When two women have strong feelings for one another, but not in a sexual way. A girl crush is strong infatuation that one woman has for another woman who seems beautiful, sophisticated, charming or accomplished. It usually refers to heterosexual women. Glory hole A literal hole in the wall between two spaces. The legendary purpose of this hole is to insert one’s penis in hopes of receiving an anonymous (this is the main thrill) handjob, blowjob or coitus. glove condom. GND Girl Next Door. GOG Girl-On-Girl. gokkon A variety of fetish that involves swallowing and/or ingesting copious amounts of semen by either a man or a woman. See also bukkake. Golden shower, GS Urinating on your partner, urine play. See also water sports. Gold star lesbian A lesbian who has never slept with a man and has no intention of ever sleeping with a man. Gorean A BDSM subculture owing its existence to the world of Gor from the novels by John Norman. Gorean philosophy assigns stereotypical, “natural” roles to genders. Greek anal sex; anal sexual intercourse; penetration of the anus by the penis. GSM G-Spot Massage. H Back to top Half & Half BJ followed by FS; a combination of both oral sex and sexual intercourse; fellatio & coitus. Handballing Inserting a fist (optionally – with a part of the forearm) into the rectum. hard sports Giving or receiving. Playing with feces, also known as scat play or brown showers. Hardwood floors Clean-shaven pubic area. Hasbian A woman who used to identify as a lesbian and dated women, but is now dating men. hat condom. HC High Class. HDH High Dollar Hottie. HE Happy Ending: usually a handjob or a blowjob after a massage. Herb friendly Is amenable to marijuana use, aka 420 friendly. A bit of advice: Adding drugs to your hobbying mix tends to give you a MUCH larger profile on Uncle Leo’s radar. An ASP, who has a rep for being herb friendly likely is getting way more attention from Uncle Leo than the more conservative hobbyists would prefer. HH Half Hour. HHHJ Half Hearted Hand Job. hidden charges An ASP takes the advertised fee upfront, but in the midst of the session she asks for more money for more services. (e.g. She might undress and give a massage for the advertised $$, but then ask for an additional $ for French, or $$ for FS, etc.), aka upselling. Hindu massage The woman contracts her vaginal muscles during sex to squeeze you to completion (Argentina). HJ or Handjob Masturbation; hand & finger stimulation of the penis by the ASP, aka hand release, manual release. HM High Mileage. A derogatory reference to the number of sexual partners a person may have had. Conveys an implication of showing the ‘wear and tear’ of the said mileage. HME Honeymoon Experience. Supposedly better than a GFE, and even more nebulous. It refers to a session that is comparable to the intensity and passion of lovemaking while on one’s honeymoon. Mostly marketing hype. hobby Slang, euphemistic reference to the business of a client enlisting the services of an ASP. hobbyist Slang, euphemistic reference to one who (actively) participates in ‘the hobby‘. homophobia Fear or dislike of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. hooker Prostitute. Hostess club A lower end strip club where bargaining for sex acts with the dancers is acceptable, and some activities may occur on premises. Hotdogging Also hotdoggin’. The pseudo-sexual act of placing the penis between the butt cheeks of the receiving partner. The penis being the “Hotdog” and the butt cheeks being the “Bun”. There is no intercourse, and usually no ejaculation. This is mainly a comical practice, and usually enjoyed by the giver more than the receiver. See also Italian. HTUMA Her/His Tongue Up My Ass, analingus. human ashtray Waste receptacle at the services of superior human beings. humiliation Actions aimed to cause a submissive a feeling they long after. These are the things they normally don’t do, like wearing bizarre clothing, having sex in public, playing puppy or pony, or accepting verbal abuse. Hustler A male prostitute. Same as punk. HWP Height and Weight Proportional. “Normal” build. I Back to top Incall Client meet the ASP at her location. independent, indie An ASP who works on her own, without an agency affiliation. The ASP manages her own calls, bookings, advertising and finances. interpreter Condom (e.g. She spoke French without the aid of an interpreter = BBBJ). intersex A person born with ambiguous genitalia or genitalia of both sexes. Used to be called hermaphrodite. IPO Initial Public Offering. Used to denote the public introduction of a new ASP, usually via a review. ISO In Search Of. A post/inquiry looking for something (presumably ‘something’ specific). Italian Similar to Russian, but the penis is placed between the partner’s butt cheeks. See also hotdogging. J Back to top Jack Shack An establishment (massage parlor, lingerie modelling) that is not usually full service; expect only massage (usually nude or topless) and hand job, but more services might be available. Jimmy Hat A condom. John A man who patronizes prostitutes, a hobbyist. K Back to top K9 Canine, or doggy style. Kama Sutra or Kamasutra A Sanskrit treatise setting forth rules for sensuous and sensual pleasure, love, and marriage in accordance with Hindu law. KGFE Korean GFE: with CBJ rather than BBBJ. Kitty Vagina and/or surrounding areas. The words you can expect to see used together with K. are “bald”, “partly shaven”, “trimmed”, “natural”. L Back to top L/A/S Looks/Attitude/Service: A subjective ranking system where each criteria is separately ranked, from lowest (1) to highest (10). Examples: 2/9/8 = Unattractive, but very friendly and good sex. 10/5/4 = Model material, but a poor attitude, and mediocre sex. LASER Same as above + Expense and (would or wouldn’t) Repeat. labrys A double-sided axe that the Amazons were said to use as their main weapon. Lesbians have adopted the labrys as symbol of power and independence. Many lesbians wear necklaces or earrings with a labrys symbol as a way to identify themselves to other lesbians. Landing strip A style of pubic hair sculpting resulting in a narrow vertical strip. Lapdog A hobbyist who worships an ASP to excess. Lay down doggie Also lazy dog. Doggie style with woman flat on stomach. LD Lap dance. LDL Low dollar looker, the opposite of HTH. LE Law Enforcement. LEO Law Enforcement Officer. lesbian A woman who is sexually and emotionally attracted to other women. LFK Light French Kiss. Kissing with only light tongue involvement. LGBT An abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Lipstick lesbian A woman who loves other women, but also loves her clothes and makeup and shoes. She tends to dress on the femme side. Little blue helper Viagra. LK Light Kissing (closed mouth). LMP Licensed Massage Practitioner. See also CMT. Can also mean “Latin Massage Parlor”. LMT Licensed Massage Therapist. See also CMT. Lone Star Lesbian A woman who has only had sex with one other woman in their life. Straight and bisexual people can be Lone Stars as well, but Lone Star Hetero doesn’t sound nearly as interesting. LOS Land of smiles, Thailand. lot lizard A prostitute that works primarily in truck stop parking lots (usually soliciting from a CB radio). LPIN Legal prostitute in Nevada. LTR Long Term Relationship. When an ASP drops out of the business for a very substantial stipend, paid weekly, or monthly for exclusivity she is said to be in a long term relationship. See also sugar daddy. M Back to top m2f A male doing something to (providing a service for) a female. m2m A male doing something to (providing a service for) a male. Madame Proprietress of an agency. Maid In a British parlour, the person who answers the phone and books the schedule. Mall Also escort mall. A website like that advertises a variety of escorts or ASPs. The ASPs may be independent or agency, and may or may not be associated with each other, or with the mall. Mamasan Female manager of an asian massage parlor. Man in a boat, little man in a boat Clitoris. Manual release Stimulation of the penis to orgasm using hand and fingers, aka hand job, hand release. Massage A method of treating the body for remedial or hygienic purposes, including but not limited to rubbing, stroking, kneading, or tapping with the hand or an instrument or both. It may, but does not necessarily, include sexual stimulation. Sensual Massage indicates a massage with sexual stimulation (usually a hand job). MBR Multiple Bell Ringing (MSOG). Mediterranean Anal sex or analingus, e.g. “She took me on a trip to the Mediterranean.”. See also Greek. Menu The services generally considered available from a particular ASP. merkin Pubic hair wig / toupee. Also, something George W. Bush has repeatedly said he is proud to be. MFF Threesome designation: Male, female, female. MFM Threesome designation: male, female, male. MG Massage Girl. MIB Man in blue, law enforcement officer. Mileage A subjective term that describes value for money and/or how accommodating an ASP is. Good mileage usually means she either charges less than average, provides better L/A/S than average, or both. MILF Mom/Mother I’d Like to Fuck. Missionary Also mish. A position for sexual intercourse where the man is on top. MJ Massage Job. ML Make Love Massage Lady MMF Threesome designation: male, male, female. Mohawk A pubic hair style leaving a narrow strip of hair in the middle of the pubic area, aka landing strip, muff hawk, cock mohawk. Monger Short for whore monger. One who frequents prostitutes. See also hobbyist. MP Massage Parlor Multiple Positions Multiple Pops (MSOG) MPA Massage Parlor Attendant. MPCFS Multiple Positions Covered FullService. MPOS Multiple Positions Oral Sex. MSOG Multiple Shots On Goal, also Multiple Pops. The ASP allows you the opportunity to climax more than once during the session. Mummification Wrapping a person up with layers material in order to immobilize them (nose and mouth are left open for breathing). Used to induce the feeling of utter helplessness. Can be considered a form of sensory deprivation. N Back to top NC/NS, NCNS No Call / No Show. See also no-show. Newbie Newb, a novice hobbyist or novice ASP. NGP Non/Not Genuine Photos. NMG No-Money Guys. Hobbyists who are on a strict (generally low) budget for hobbying. Nooner A lunch-time or afternoon session, popular with married hobbyists. Non-pro A person who makes her/himself available for sexual encounters for financial gain only occasionally (possibly to meet some short-term financial needs). May be less discreet than a provider and more interested in a relationship. Some argue that ‘the line’ is more definitive: if you take money, then you are a professional. No-show When an ASP or hobbyist doesn’t show up for an appointment and has not contacted the other party in advance to cancel or warn of problems in making the appointment. A very annoying and, unfortunately, too common occurrence in the hobby. When the offending party doesn’t call afterwards to offer an explanation and/or apology the situation is referred to as a No-Show/No-Call (NS/NC) and is considered an even more egregious offense. No-touch No touching allowed. (e.g. no-touch Jack shack, no-touch strip club). NQBC Non-quitter, but covered. CBJ to completion. NQBS Non-quitter, but spitter. BBBJTC and spits your ejaculate. NQNS No Quit No Spit; oral sex performed to completion with swallowing. NSA No Strings Attached. NS/NC No Show / No Call. see also no-show. O Back to top O, O’s Orgasm or orgasms. Off the clock Activities that occur with an ASP that she chooses not to charge for. (e.g. “We had lunch off-the-clock“). ONS One Night Stand. OTC Oral To Completion. Fellatio to orgasm. Out As in “outed”. Private, personal information on a hobbyist or an ASP is made public. e.g. Someone’s real name and address is posted to a public forum. Outcall The ASP comes to the client’s location. Out of the closet Being open about one’s (LGBT) sexual orientation. OVK Over the knee spanking – bending a submissive over one’s knee and striking his or her buttocks with either an open hand or a cane, paddle, whip, etc. OVN Overnight. OWO Oral Without, fellatio without a condom, aka BBBJ, UTF. OWOTC Oral Without Condom To Completion. P Back to top P2P Privates to privates: rubbing genitalia together without insertion. P4P Pay for Play. Refers to the concept of paying for sex. Papasan Male manager of an asian massage parlor. Party favors Drugs. Party hat Condom. PFF Pussy For Free (a myth). Pearl necklace Man ejaculates on woman’s neck and/or chest, trying to produce a white ‘decoration’. Pegging Anal penetration of a male by a female with the help of either a buttplug or strap-on. PIITB Put it in the bum/butt. Pillow queen Someone who likes to be on the receiving end of sex without much reciprocation. Pimp A person (generally a man) who solicits clients for a prostitute. Pink boxing A slang term for anal or vaginal fisting. PIV Penis in Vagina. PL Pathetic Loser. PM Prostate massage or Private message (on a forum). PO Phone operator. Ponygirl or ponyboy A popular roleplay fantasy that sees the submissive transform into a pony with the help of a harness, reins, gag bit, and a tail attached to a butt plug. The “pony” is expected to prance and/or pull a cart. Pooner A hobbyist who is immersed in the hobby culture. He may be very involved with the review boards and/or private exchange of information on ASPs and the hobby. Pop, pops Orgasms. An ASP may allow a client to have more than one orgasm during the session (e.g. more than one or multiple pops allowed). POS Pussy on the Side. Usually referring to hobbyists in relationships who are getting some POS. Power dyke A lesbian who has gained a position of power, either within the LGBT community, or in the world at large. Professional-only Also gentleman-only, businessmen-only. A subjective request used in ASP advertising as a pre-screen for clients. The ASP posts this in hopes of attracting “better” clientele. Provider Prostitute. PS Private Show (Dance only). PV Private Viewing (Dance only). PSE Porn Star Experience. A session that gives the feeling of being in a Porn or XXX Movie or like having a date with a Porn Star. As with the Girlfriend Experience (GFE), a PSE is not very well defined and definitions will vary wildly. It generally refers more to the tone & tenor of the session (totally wild!) than to specific services provided, but many believe PSE should include the possibility of DATY, UTF, Greek, DFK, NQNS, Russian, COF and a broad array of FS positions. Puffies or puffers Breasts where the entire areola appears ‘puffy’, enlarged, or swollen. Punk A male prostitute. Punter A British slang term for a hobbyist. Pup play A variant of animal play where a submissive acts like a puppy: barks, whines, eats from a bowl, and generally obeys the master or faces punishment. PV Private Viewing. A session that is most often limited to a striptease and self-service. Usually in the context of a Strip Club. PVC Polyvinyl chloride. In skin-tight fetish clothing, a shiny substitute for more expensive materials: leather, rubber and latex. “PVC” is also used as a generic term for PVC proper, latex, vinyl and leather. PW Pussy Whipped. Adjective describing a guy controlled by a girl because she gives him sex. PYT Pretty Young Thing. Q Back to top Queef An emission of air from the vagina, especially when noisy, aka vaginal fart or vart. R Back to top R & T Rub and Tug. A massage followed by a hand job. RA Relaxation Assistant. Raincoat condom. Raw Sex without condom. RCA Reverse Cowgirl Anal. RCG See Reverse cowgirl. Red wings The ‘badge’ a hobbyist earns for performing oral sex (cunnilingus) on an ASP who is menstruating. REQ Request. Used in the subject line of a post to indicate the body contains a request for information. See also 411. REV Review. Used in the subject line of a post to indicate the body contains review of an ASP. Reverse cowgirl Woman rides on top, facing away. Reverse half-and-half Sexual intercourse followed by oral sex to completion. Reverse massage The client massages the ASP. Reverse oral The client performs oral sex on the ASP. Review A critical evaluation of a provider. May include information on her looks, attitude and service. Rimming or rimjob Analingus; oral stimulation of the anus. RLD Red Light District. Area rich with prostitution. RMP Russian massage parlor. R.O.B. or ROB Run/Rip Off Bitch. Individuals posing as providers take the money and run without providing any services, aka Cash and Dash. Role play Also roleplay. Acting out sexual fantasies in a specific scenario, where participants are assigned roles: dog – owner, nurse – patient, teacher – student, etc. Role reversal Same as pegging – penetration of male’s anus by a female with a strap-on dildo Roman An orgy. RPG Role playing games. Roman shower Vomit play. RTF Return To Fuck. RTFF Read The Fucking Forum. Rubber 1) Material popular with BDSM practitioners for its tactile characteristics; 2) Items – primarily special clothing – made of this material; compare to PVC; 3) Condom. Russian Rubbing a penis between ASP‘s breasts. Usually results in pearl necklace. Russian (in Australia) Short sex session, aka a “Quickie”. S Back to top Safe Sexual activity in which various measures, such as the use of condoms or dental dams, are taken to avoid diseases transmitted by sexual contact. e.g. All activities were safe. San Juan Capistrano BBBJTC and the ASP swallows. See also CIM, BBBJNQNS, birdwatching. Sandbag, sandbagger A subjective term for a review (or reviewer) that attempts to mislead the reader by giving unwarranted praise to a provider. Sans Without. e.g. She provided French sans beret = BBBJ. Scat Defecation on one’s partner or feces play. Screening An ASP or agency does a pre-session background check on a new client. E.g. collecting verifiable personal info such as the hobbyist’s real name, place of employment, home or work phone, home or work address, and/ or a referral from a trusted provider. Upfront deposits may also be used as a screening tool to hedge against no-shows. Self-review Also Self-post. An ASP or agency poses as a hobbyist, and posts a highly positive review of herself or agency to increase business. Self service Masturbation. e.g. “It was a self-servicejack shack” = no contact with the dancer, but the man can masturbate. Semi pro An escort whose main source of income is something other than escorting. Sensory deprivation Restricting somebody’s ability to see, hear, smell, taste and/or touch through the use of blindfolds, earmuffs, hoods, etc. Sensual Massage Also SM. Indicates a massage with sexual stimulation (usually a hand job). Session The time spent with an ASP. Sex worker Catch all phrase sometimes used to describe prostitutes. May also be used in the context of strippers, peep show workers, topless waitresses. SFH Sex For Hire. SG Street Girl. Shemale Transsexual, particularly one who is living as a woman, but hasn’t had SRS. Penis may or may not get erect. Shill A person who writes unsolicited positive commentary about an ASP in a discussion forum to ‘suck up’ to the ASP or who writes unwarranted positive reviews in exchange for discounts or special favors from an ASP or agency. Shots on goal Attempts to reach orgasm. e.g. ‘She allows multiple shots on goal’ means she allows more than one orgasm per session if the client is able and interested. See MSOG. Sixty nine Partners perform oral sex on each other simultaneously. See also 69. . Slam, slammed An unwarranted or overzealous harsh review or abusive criticism of an ASP or agency. Snowball ASP takes ejaculate in her mouth and returns it via kissing to the ejaculator. SO Significant Other. Spouse or partner in a (non-casual) relationship. SOG Shot(s) on goal, attempt(s) at orgasm. Soixante-neuf 69. Partners perform oral sex on each other simultaneously. See also 69. SOMF Sat On My Face. SOP Stantard Operating Procedure. South of the border Genital region. Southern France Fellatio without a condom. See also French, BBBJ. SP Service Provider, prostitute. See also ASP. Spanish (Australian usage) Penis between her breasts, Russian. Spanish (USA usage) Penis, finger or toy comes out of the ASP’s ass, and goes directly into the ASP’s mouth. See also Dirty Sanchez, ATM. spanking Slapping or striking somebody’s buttocks with the palm of the hand or an object like paddle, hairbrush, slapper, etc. A form of punishment / humiliation. Spinner A very petite provider. So petite in fact, she could easily spin around the client’s erect penis in a position like Asian Cowgirl. One possible etymology: from the action reminiscent of the 1970’s toy, “Sit ‘n’ Spin”. Squirting, squirter Female ejaculation, an ASP who ejaculates. SRS Sexual Reassignment Surgery. ST Short Time. Starfish Anus or Unresponsive ASP. STD Sexually Transmitted Disease. Sting A female police officer poses as an ASP to apprehend unsuspecting clients, or a male police officer poses as a client to apprehend unsuspecting ASPs. Stone butch lesbian A lesbian who gets her pleasure from pleasing her partner. She does not like to be touched sexually. STR Short Term Relationship. Street action Prostitution that is solicited on public streets. Prostitutes (usually on foot) are picked up by clients in motor vehicles. Sexual acts may occur in the vehicle, or at another agreed upon location. Stroll A street, strip, or neighborhood that sees heavy street action. Submission In BDSM, giving freely of oneself for the pleasures of others, subordinating oneself (with agreed upon limits). Submissive In BDSM, a person trained by a dominant. Often shortened to Sub. See Submission. Sunshine, sunny Without a condom (i.e. no raincoat). SW Street walker Sex Worker Sybian A mechanical sex device shaped as a half-barrel with a dildo mounted in the middle. SYT Sweet Young Thing. T Back to top Take care of business Payment is made to provider. e.g. “She wanted to take care of business first.”. Teabag, teabagging To dunk ones scrotum into the open mouth of another person. Tie and tease A game of control over a partner’s orgasm with common use of physical restraints. Often a part of tease and denial. Tease and denial Also known as erotic denial, orgasm denial. A mild sexual torture in which a high state of sexual arousal is maintained for an extended time without climax. TAMP Therapeutic Asian Massage Parlor. TER The erotic reviews site, adult services classifieds board, and hobby discussion forums. TG Transgender. Catch-all term for transvestites, transsexuals, shemales, and CDs. TGTBT Too Good To Be True. Throne job Self-service. Refers to an establishment that doesn’t offer FS. The premises will only have a large chair or “throne” for you to sit on and masturbate while the woman dances for you. Tina Crystal meth. Tipping required The ASP demands more than the advertised price in order to perform, or bargains hard for various services. See also upselling, hidden charges. To completion Until orgasm. TOFTT Take One For The Team. What a hobbyist is said to do when they see an enigmatic ASP. Some argue that a hobbyist is only TOFTT when the experience ends up to be a bad experience. Others argue that if the hobbyist doesn’t report back in some way, e.g., with a review, then the hobbyist has not TOFTT. Top In homosexual parlance: the active partner. In BDSM: the dominant. Toss the salad Analingus. Training 1) BDSM slavery; a way of letting the Submissive understand that the Dominant is their master. 2) Any specific scenario used to convey the message from #1: slave training, pup training, pony training, etc. Trans, tranny An inclusive term, encompassing transgender, transsexual and other gender variant people. Transgender A person whose gender expression is different from how society says they are “supposed” to be. Transgender can be an umbrella term for cross-dressers, transsexuals, intersex people and other gender-variant individuals. Transsexual A person with the urge to be the opposite sex. They may or may not choose to have gender reassignment surgery. Translated French, TF Oral sex with a condom. Translation, translator Condom, e.g., “She spoke fluent French without a translator” = BBBJ. Transvestite A person who sometimes wears clothes traditionally worn by and associated with the opposite sex; typically a male who cross-dresses occasionally by habit or compulsion. Trick A sex act for money, as in ‘She is turning tricks‘. A man who patronizes prostitutes, as in ‘That trick was a FOBU’. Tri F A devotee to the “Find them, Fuck them, Forget them” strategy. Trip to islands Greek, anal. Also a “tour of the islands”. Trolling The act of driving around looking for a prostitute. As in cruising. Posting to a discussion board with the intent to anger or incite others. One who does so is referred to as a ‘troll’. TS Transsexual. A person with the urge to be the opposite sex. They may or may not choose to have gender reassignment surgery. Table Shower. TTA Tight Tan Ass. Tuft Pubic hair. TUMA Tongue Up My Ass. Turning tricks Prostitution. TV Transvestite. A person who sometimes wears clothes traditionally worn by and associated with the opposite sex; typically a male who cross-dresses occasionally by habit or compulsion. TVSW Transvestite Street Walker. Two Call System The general location is revealed during the first call; location specifics are revealed on the second call. U Back to top Uncle Leo A law enforcement officer. umbrella Condom. Uncovered, or untranslated Without a condom. Upselling An ASP takes the advertised fee upfront, but in the midst of the session she asks for more money for more services. (e.g. She might undress and give a massage for the advertised $$, but then ask for an additional $ for French, or $$ for FS, etc.), aka hidden charges. UTF Untranslated French. Oral sex without a condom. UTR Under The Radar; an ASP who maintains a very low profile; generally does not advertise, does not accept reviews, does not have a website and does not participate in hobby forums. V Back to top verbal humiliation / abuse Issuing insults and negative epithets to produce belittlement, from which excitement and/or arousal can be obtained. Giving is done by the dominant, who produces the humiliation, while receiving is done by the submissive, who is the object. Vanilla Plain genital sex without any extras. W Back to top WAH Wild Ass Humping. water sports Urination play. see also golden shower. Wax play Dripping melted wax on the submissive‘s naked skin. This activity requires thorough understanding of the material that the candles are made of. Eyewear is recommended. Weeklies Alternative weekly newspapers. These often contain various adult service listings, including massage and escort advertisements. e.g. The Village Voice, San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Stranger. WF Wild Fuck. WG Working Girl. A prostitute. Whip In the strictest sense, a strip of leather attached to a handle, whip commonly describes any object used for beating a submissive: whips proper, canes, crops, paddles, slappers, etc. See English. White knight A hobbyist who defends or “comes to the rescue” of a provider who has been reviewed or spoken of poorly, regardless of whether the review or comments are accurate, aka defender. Whoremonger One who habitually patronizes prostitutes. WIR Would I Repeat, Would I Return, Would I Recommend. With With a condom (e.g. French with = CBJ). Without Without a condom. (e.g. French without = BBBJ). WL Working Lady. WOA Word of Advice. Womyn An alternative spelling of woman or women often favored by feminists. Working girl A prostitute. WTF What the f#$k. Y Back to top YL Young Lady. YMMV Your Mileage May Vary. A overused, common sense disclaimer meant to convey that an ASP may do things with one person, but not with another. Often used as a caveat, “Don’t accuse me of a false report if she doesn’t do the same with you.”. YMMV Girl An ASP who is known for being inconsistent in her attitude and service. i.e. Gets hot and cold reviews. Other common internet abbreviations Back to top AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact. ADN Any Day Now. AFAHMASP A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted. AFAIAC As Far As I Am Concerned. AFAIK As Far As I Know. AIMB As I Mentioned Before. ASAD All-Singing All-Dancing. ATM At The Moment. ATST At The Same Time. BION Believe It Or Not. BOGOF Buy One Get One Free. BRB Be Right Back. BRBBRB Be Right Back – Bathroom Break. BRBCB Be Right Back – Coffee Break. BRLCFH Broke Ribs Laughing, Call For Help. BTSOOM Beats The Stuffing Out Of Me. BTW By The Way. CYA Cover Your Ass. DC Double-Click. DILIGA (S | F | D) Do I look like I give a (S**t) (F**k) (Damn) ?. ETHOM Excuse The Hell Out of Me. FOOMCBASL Falling Out Of My Chair Busting A Spleen Laughing. FKA Formerly Known As. FUBAR Fouled Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition. FWIW For What Its Worth. FYI For Your Information. FYR For Your Records. GD&R Grin, Duck and Run. IAC In Any Case. IANALB I Am Not A Lawyer But. ICOCBW I Could, Of Course, Be Wrong. IM(H)O In My (Humble) Opinion. IOW In Other Words. ISO In Search Of. ISTR I Seem To Remember. IWIK I Wish I knew. KIT Keep In Touch. L&G Latest And Greatest. LMK Let Me Know. LOL Laughing Out Loud. LTNS Long Time No See. LUKHITO Let Us Know How It Turns Out. MBWA Management By Wandering Around. MMF Make Money Fast (scam). NIMBY Not In My Back Yard. NTYMI Now That You Mention It. NP No Problem. OMG Oh My God/Gosh. OTOH On The Other Hand. OP Original Post or Original Poster. PEBKAC Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. PEBMAC Problem Exists Between Monitor And Chair. PM[F]JI Pardon Me [For] Jumping In. QQ Quick Question. ROFL Rolls On Floor Laughing. ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off. TFX Too Flippin’ eXpensive. TIA Thanks In Advance. TLD Topless lap dance. TPTB, PTB The Powers That Be. TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge. TTYL Talk To You Later. TWT Time Will Tell. WAD Working As Designed. WAS Wait And See. WTHDIK What The Hell Do I Know. YHBT You Have Been Trolled. YMMV Your mileage may vary, your experience may be different.
  6. One of the things that escorts have to take seriously about their business is their own safety. Over years of experience, escorts and agencies have come up with a few ways to be safe when working with clients. Basically, in order to be safe, you should Know as much about your client as possible Reveal as little about yourself as possible Take safety measures when it comes to your health Service Terms Within a few days of becoming an escort, you will have a good idea about what kind of rules you want to set for yourself as well as your clients. For safety reasons, here are the basic steps that you should take: Out calls to visit the client or booking yourself a hotel room to offer in calls is the best way to offer escort services. This falls in nicely with the rule of giving your clients little to no information about yourself. List all your services on your website or profile page as you want to avoid lengthy conversations regarding sexual activity on the phone. Refrain from discussing sex on the phone, by text message or by email. Always refer clients back to your website. Don't waste your time answering calls from withheld numbers. They are more than likely going to waste your time. On out call appointments always book a driver to escort you to and from the appointment. When you arrive at a clients location, first things first sort out payment and then tell your client you need to text in with your driver. Always let someone else know where you are going when visiting a client. In call When you are booking in call appointments to the actual property where you live it's advisable to only do this after you have met the client previously. This is your home after all and you don't want just anybody coming round. With incall appointments to your home, always have a separate room to entertain your clients. Let this room be as far away from your personal room as possible. When clients beckon, lock all doors except the one meant for clients. Don’t store any money, jewelry or other valuables in this room, because they could be in danger of being stolen. Incall at a Hotel The best option to offer in calls is by booking yourself a hotel for the night or even the week. Clients visiting you at a hotel keeps you safe and above all your anonymity. Hotels are very busy places and wont notice clients coming and going. Being a busy place they also provide a safe haven to conduct business with your clients. Many escorts find this to be a sound middle ground between an outcall and their own home. If you have a hotel arrangement in place, here are the things that you should do for safety reasons. Book well in advance and ask the client to book your appointment in advance as well. Don’t bring any valuables with you to the hotel room and don't take unnecessary risks. Don’t have anything with you in your purse that identifies you personally, such as your driving license. Don't forget to put the "Do not Disturb" sign on the door. Don’t tell your client where you have arranged your meeting until the last moment. Tell him about your room number only after he arrives at the hotel, just in case he is a time waster. One important thing that you should remember when having such an incall arrangement is to change hotels frequently. You don't want to raise any suspicion with the hotel staff. Outcall to Visit your Client at Home There are times when clients often call escorts to their homes, so that they can have a private, pleasurable few hours. In such cases, here are the things you should do: Ask for a fixed land line number for the client’s home instead of just a mobile number. Always call hime back on the land line number he gave you to confirm the booking. Make sure the client knows you only see him and that no one esle is present in the house. Check out the area on Google Maps Street View to see what the street is like. Have a driver with you to take you to the client’s home. Have him stay there and inform the client that you have someone waiting for you to pick you up after the appointment is over. These are enough tips that cover both incall and outcall appointments for escorts. Verifying information is always important and it is one of the golden rules of escorting.
  7. If you recently joined the escort industry as an escort then rather than just focusing on how to get new clients, you need to focus on your health as well. This business is all about your body and that is why, keeping yourself fit and in good shape is important and ensuring that internal health is as equally good. As a young inexperienced new comer, you might see a client a few times and decide condoms are no longer necessary. This is a massive mistake to make as you never know what the client may or may not have. If he is booking you, chances are he is also seeing other escorts and engaging in many other sexual encounters. Never give in to pear pressure and always always use a condom. If you choose to ignore this it may be the biggest mistake you ever make. Keeping your guard up and strong at all times is very necessary but due to the nature of the business, sometimes willingly or unwillingly, you might let go of a few safety aspects for various reasons like you might be high, or you got carried away or just to pleasure your client that bit extra. These extra miles that you go might end up making your life hell as you never know what your client is carrying. Many a times even when your safety shield is not at its best, you might just be lucky and get through the session unharmed but there are those unlucky times as well when even the smallest of bacteria which jumps onto your skin while in contact with the client may cause problems such as herpes, Genital HPV, Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease, hepatitis etc. This is why, there are certain health tips you need to keep in mind and follow religiously while seeing clients. This ensures that you are good to go, both inside and out. Few of the Health tips for new escorts are as follows: Make sure that you are using good quality branded condoms and that you have a lot of them when going on a booking. If you run out then the client may put pressure on you to have unprotected sex. Never ever do anything without a condom even if it ends up with the booking being cancelled. Condoms are the best tool to help you save yourself from unwanted STDs and other infections which are transmitted during physical intimacy. Lots of clinics in the UK will offer hepatitis jabs, this will help you stay safe from many diseases. Be open with your clinic regarding your profession as they prbably treat many escorts and can offer more safety advice. Now, since the profession is about how good you look and how good your body is, apart from health measures to keep you safe from any diseases, you need to also take measures to ensure that you stay in shape and remain fit to be able to do your job properly. For this, make sure that you exercise every day, check what you eat and stay away from junk foods as much as possible. Also, going for a jog every day is a great way to train your body and relax your mind. Having good stamina is required in this profession. Concentrate on having a diet rich in essential vitamins, proteins and minerals. Drink loads of water and juices. Meditating and yoga is also highly recommended because not only does it keep your weight in check, it gives that level of peace which is required in this otherwise noisy and loud industry. Another health tip you need to keep in mind as a newcomer in this business is that you need to check out your client properly when you meet. If there are any telltale signs about having any kind of sickness or disease, which maybe catching, then it's best to limit your services or better yet, cancel it completely. In the final analysis, it can be said that as a newcomer, you need to keep your eyes open and learn from other experienced escorts as much as possible before you make yourself busy. There is a lot to learn and you will get to know more about this as you move on in the escort industry. Picking up every tip you get from here and there as well as from your encounters will make you a pro in no time. As far as health is concerned, have a strict policy of no compromises. Make rules and don’t break them for anyone. Your health comes first and should always be at the forefront of your mind whenever you have a booking.
  8. Escorts are quite vulnerable to various hassles, be it legal or by choosing the wrong types of clients. At times, clients can be demanding and in order to protect you from such crass clients it is necessary that you screen your clients every single time before you enter into any kind of booking with them. Screening is of utmost importance since this not only ensures your safety but also shows the client you are a strict professional and you take your business very seriously. Screening is very crucial since it ensures that the clients whom you entertain are decent and are coming to see you for all the right reasons. You must be thinking it's very difficult to screen clients but let me assure you that this is not the case. Screening a client is very easy and does not involve too much work. A little creativity and a few tactics are sufficient to screen a client. In the escort industry there is always the scope of meeting new potential clients who at times turn out to be less then gentlemen like.Hence in order to safeguard yourself from such time wasters you need to screen your clients very meticulously. Screening will not only ensure safety but also it will enable you to serve your client better. Being a part of the escort industry requires you to participate in sexual activities with your clients. This requires you to a have a calm composure so that you can be in complete control of any situation. Always remember one thing that you never want to entertain aggressive people who want to take charge of the situation by simply negating your presence. You should always be vigilant enough to make sure that your client does not cross his or her limit. As we've mentioned before, being an escort in the UK is completely legal, it's just surrounding factors that are illegal. As an independent escort or an escort working for an agency you should never be bothered by the police. In America the rules are very different and quite often the US police can make bookings in order to entrap escorts. Luckily you never have to worry about whether the client is a police officer or not. Being an escort you always run the risk of meeting clients who turn out to be abusive. Hence in order to prevent such bookings you can follow a few steps If you work for an agency they will screen all the clients. Agencies normally keep a record of every person who has ever called them with detailed notes. Agencies often share bad clients between each other to prevent these clients from getting bookings in the future. If you work independently you will soon learn the right questions to ask potential clients to find out their intensions If a client sounds intoxicated, don't take the booking. If a client is drunk this can often lead to a bad appointment. For outcalls to hotels, call him back in his room by going discreetly through reception. For outcalls to residential addresses always get a landline number. If a client doesn't want to give out his landline number be wary. Go with your gut feeling. If you're not sure about the clients intensions or something didn't feel right on the phone, don't do the appointment. To sum up screening clients is very important. No escort or escort agency should do away with screening clients under any cost. This will not only ensure your long stay in the industry but will also protect you from scammers and abusers and will spare you a harrowing and taxing experience.
  9. Control If you have talked to a few escorts before you decided to join an agency or become an independent escort, you know that it almost always involves having sex with your clients. Now when it comes to sex, you want to be in control of the situation. You can only control the situation when you know a fair bit about your client. If you know a bit about his history or his nature, you might be able to serve him better. The most important thing about screening your clients as an escort is the safety factor. Being an escort is a mildly risky business and you don’t want to have aggressive clients who will quickly take control over the situation. Remember, however mildly you put it you are the person who should be in control. Of course, if you have clients who hire you many times, you have less work to do. You already know a fair bit about him and he knows about you. You develop a mutual respect for each other. He knows where you draw the line. Right Pairing If you run an escort agency, you have a number of escorts working for you. Each of them has her own nature and way of working with clients. A large part of how lucrative your business is depends on how often your clients are happy with the escort you provided. As a business, it is of great benefit to research your clients to find out the type of service they are looking for. Then, and only then can you put the right client with the right escort. Keeping detailed records of clients is a very important part of an escort agency as well. It may pay you to have a decent online booking system which you can keep all your clients data in. The next time they phone you have all there notes to hand and can quickly find them the right escort to suit their needs. HornyDesigns is a great platform for building escort agency websites. They also offer a variety of other software and it may pay you to checkout their escort booking software. You might think that this is a trivial matter and doesn’t affect your business much. However, some of the most successful and elite escort services do all their homework and only send the best matched escorts to their clients. This is what makes them elite and it is why they succeed in becoming well-known. What happens when you have the right escort for a given client is that your escort is more comfortable as well. This means she will communicate with your client more freely and provide him a much more valuable service. The end result is that you will always find the client coming back to you instead of trying new agencies. Avoiding abusive behavior If you are working as an escort, you want to eliminate as much of the risk as possible. One of the most common risks is the client potentially being abusive towards the escort. All escort agencies usually have a network through which they can get information about clients. An agency will normally save every number from every client with notes attached. If that client calls back they know straight away if he was a problem in the past. Despite how competitve the escort agency business is, many good agencies will share information pertaining to bad clients. It is in all escort agencies best interests to keep these problem clients away from the escorts. Dealings with Police Generally speaking it is legal to be an escort in the UK, but since it always involves sex, cops are always on the alert. They want to ensure that no one is being forced into the business. You are willingly getting in to the business, but a few are forced into prostitution and the escort business. Depending on which region of UK you are operating from, the police might contact your agency. As an escort agency you are offering an advertising platform to independent escorts. The escorts you have listed on your website, in turn pay you a commission for your advertising services. As an escort agency it is better not to get into much dertail with the client. The client knows what he's getting when booking an escort and a lengthy conversation on the phone about secual services could get you in trouble. All this information should be readily available on the website so talk of sex is kept to a minimum on the phone. Also don't dictate to your escorts when they work, you don't control them. They choose when they work and they are also at liberty to refuse any bookings. Remember, you don't control them. How to Screen Clients The process of screening clients for escorts varies form one agency to another. Some employ fairly basic methods while others are extremely sophisticated. The bottom line is that the more information you have, the better off you are. If you are an independent escort, you might need to work hard for information, because you are doing the job alone. When a client approaches you to hire your escort services these are the key points that you absolutely should have: Name Phone number (fixed land line for outcalls or mobile for incalls) Place where he is currently staying (for outcalls) Additionally, ask him to provide information about his needs and requirements just to get a good feel for him. For an out-call the phone number should be a fixed land line because it is easier to verify. You don't want to send an escort to a residential address to find out it was a fake booking or worse. Only take a mobile phone number for in-calls to the escorts place of work as you will need this to contact him and in turn he will need to call you when he has arrived in the escorts street. For an out-call appointment, call or have someone call the land line number and ask for your client. If the client himself picks up, it is all well and good. If another person picks up the call don't send anyone out to him. More than one person in a residence is very dangerous for the escort. Check out the address and see whether you know the place well. It serves your interests if it is a known place. If you have never heard of the place before, check it out on an online mapping service such as Google Maps. You can then see the location in street view to get a feel for the area. Preferably it should be an area where there is a lot of activity. It could be a hotel or a residential area. Want to Take a Risk? In many cases, escorts will suss out on the initial phnecall whether the client could be a problem but still tak the risk. In many cases, such clients may pose no threat to you, but it is still a risky proposition. If you are accepting such a client, be sure to have backup. The best way to do this is to have a driver with you who will transport you to the client’s place and will wait outside for you. If you have arranged for a driver, work out a plan with him on what to do when you are in trouble. Make sure you text the driver when the client has paid you to let him know everything is OK. Make sure the driver knows how long you are suppposed to be in the booking for, that way if it runs over he can call you to make sure you are OK. This driver must always be outside, so that you are always safe. Screening Services If you are working for an escort agency, you don’t need to worry about the screening process, because an agency has all the procedures in place for you. They have, or should have databases of contact information at their disposal to quickly screen clients. This is why many escorts choose to work through agencies and are willing to pay a commission for handling this side of the business Conclusion In conclusion, screening clients is something you should not avoid at any costs. It helps you last in the industry for a long time and earn a lot of money.
  10. Screening your clients in one way or another is both tedious and a necessity. If you work for an escort agency they’re going to take care of this for you, and at points I thought this was reason enough to work for an escort agency! There’s not a lot to be said on this topic but I will try to explain as much as possible and be as thorough as possible because this is an important aspect of the business that I don’t want to just skim over. There are three reasons to verify clients: 1) Make sure they aren’t a serial killer. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but the point being that you’re about to be alone with them and due to the nature of your work it’s not like every one you know will know where you are. There are a lot of bad things that can happen and so doing your duediligenceto limit those chances is not only a good idea, it’s anecessity. If you can verify the client’s identity prior to meeting up with him and have someone who can go to the police and tell them who you were last with, that can literally be the difference between life and death. 2) Make sure the client isn’t a time waster. A lot of times when you’re booking a date as an escort it involves scheduling, driving out to see the client or making sure you’re ready to receive them at your place. Escorts put a lot of time and effort goes into dates and you want to be stood up. Knowing the clients real name, phone number and other details ensures the client isn’t a time waster. 3) Make sure the client isn’t law enforcement. Stings aren’t all that common with escorts, but they can happen and you’d hate to have any regrets. So if you feel something isn’t right, verifying for the purpose of law enforcement screening can be the smart choice. So now that you know why you should be screening your clients, let me explain how to screen your clients. These are all different methods of screening, and you can do one or more different methods, depending on what you feel is necessary. Keep in mind you don’t need to screen every client, go with your gut and trust yourself. If somebody calls out of the blue and wants to see you right away and it gives you a bad gut feeling, screen them in every way possible to either eliminate them or to eliminate the bad feeling you’re getting. However if you know someone from a message board, and you’ve spoke to them a bunch of times and you haven’t personally spoke to any of the other escorts he’s been with but you know there haven’t been any vocal complaints etc you can just go ahead without screening at all – if you want to. It’s completely up to you. 1) Name & phone number. You want to at least get their name and phone number, this is standard practice and most clients won’t have a problem giving you this information. Once they give you their phone number, let them know you will give them a call right back. Immediately check to see who the owner of the phone is and what the address is, by doing a reverse phone look up. This should take less than 2 minutes and once you’ve done that you call them back right away. Now that you have a little verified information about them you can ask them if it’s their address, if it’s a business or home, etc. Having this kind of information written down – especially if that’s the address you’re going to – can help you out if something goes wrong. 2) Place of work. Some escorts require that their clients tell them their place of work and work number. This isn’t to pry into the client’s life, but it’s additional security if you know where he works. It’s also helpful in eliminating him as law enforcement because if he has a job as a VP of a venture capital firm, chances are he doesn’t moonlight as an undercover police officer. 3) References from other escorts. The best kind of screening you can possibly get, but also the most difficult sometimes, is getting references from other escorts. If a client has 2-3 references from escorts that have ads on the internet so you can also verify that his references are real people and not just accomplices in a grand scheme to GET YOU! Lol sorry, anyway…having those references allows you to be 100% sure that he’s real, verify what kind of client he is by asking the escort’s he’s been with and to be 100% sure he’s not law enforcement. 4) Show me the goods! If you have any doubts at the outset of an appointment on whether a client is law enforcement or not, you can ask him to expose himself before exchanging money or talking details. If he refuses, just leave. If he does expose himself, then you can be sure he’s not law enforcement because police officers are not allowed to expose themselves in a sting. 5) Reverse engineering. If a client sends you an email and you want to find out who they are, it’s never a bad idea to do a little snooping. A lot of clients will email you from their “secret” emails, but a lot email straight from their regular accounts. Do a google search for the client’s email, do a facebook search, do a myspace search, do a search, do a search for his email in as many different places as you can. If the email is (for example) then also search google for “johnny_loves_pizza” and see if anything comes up, because this could be his online alias that he uses to make posts on different message boards. If he’s been posting about raping and murdering escorts on some serial killer message board, you might want to move on. If he’s been posting on a sports or hobby website, you might find out he’s a pretty normal guy. That’s it for screening your escort clients. It’s definitely tedious and one of the worst parts about being an escort, but it’sabsolutelynecessary on all counts. Use your best judgement and always, alwaysfollow your gut. $500 is never worth getting yourself into any amount of trouble, shrug it off and move on to the next client.