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  1. This is what I cannot understand. Im sure there are numerous ways all you gals use to get wet, or to CONTINUE to get wet when working - especially on a long term basis! (or if you are purely doing it for the money instead of a kind of emotional satisfaction) *Imagining its someone REALLY HOT, celebrity or a person you know/knew *Applying lube in the bathroom beforehand *...Can't think of any others lol - maybe a combination of the 2? Apart from the excitement you might get from doing this job..or not, I don't see how it can't be a problem. e.g. Chafing or maybe guys usually come quickly out of anticipation? lol P.S. Am V small too! Can only take 6 inch penis - is this a problem? Not just for getting wet.. but in general while working with men of all shapes and sizez.. cant imagine them being very happy if theyre 7 inches and cant put it all in without it hurting lol
  2. That's the question! I'm trying to determine what to do for my new pictures. I ended up with some beautiful new pics from a recent shoot with Ella Studios and want to highlight as much of the picture as possible without giving too much away in the face department. Thing is on some my hair/makeup and the setting just look so nice I don't necessarily want to cut the top off mid cheek... And have considered blurring the eyes instead. I am simply concerned over the increased risk (perceived or not) of being identified by friends and loved ones who don't know I work in the sex industry. Any thoughts? x
  3. My friend whos also an escort, tells me she french kisses and also kisses all of her clients as that is what they want and that's why they come back. I'm soon going to have a Incall place where I can work from. I don't really fancy kissing all of the clients.. unless they have some attraction about them! I would only probably kiss a client if he was paying me overnight maybe, but not even that ! I don't mind if they were really goodlooking etc.. but I know most will not be. One old client of mine had black bad teeth and I said no, I don't kiss! I just couldn't! So my question is... do all men want long kissing sessions ?
  4. As ideas of mine go this one might be a little far fetched. Came up with the idea to reward repeat custom. Say if I see you 5 times get an extra 30 minutes free(this is just an example). Could be tricky monitoring it...possibly by saving numbers in phone as client name (1). I came up with this idea after seeing that a few of you ladies give discounts for the armed services. Soooooo what do you think? Kisses Amber
  5. Can you tell me a bit about your experiences with this? Especially when not mutual?
  6. I just DON'T KNOW!! I LOVE giving uncovered head, but are the risks too great?? I don't fancy a dose of the clap or chlamydia in my mouth, but I also don't fancy sucking rubber.
  7. What are the main differences between being an escort in the US and being one in the UK? Is it considerably more dangerous working in the states? I am considering a move to Los Angeles where I want to study and escort on the side. I would think the escorting scene is a whole other beast there. You would be competing against real top-cheese porn stars and the most beautiful women in the world (it is Hollywood after all). In terms of safety I do worry because the one American escort I know ... she carries a gun and a knife in her purse to see her clients... just as a precaution! And she lives in West Virginia, not LA. I don't even think she's being paranoid... the few times I visited the states, I really felt like I had to be more on my guard wherever I went... there is just that atmosphere there. Everything in the states is so cutthroat and dog-eat-dog. You really have to hustle to stay competitive if you know what I mean. (Just fyi - I'm from Canada, but it's still obviously not the same. Things tend to be a lot more low-key and peaceful in Canada) Also, would it be a lot harder to get clients if you aren't some blond model-esque goddess? Because I don't fit that mold at all: I'm 5'2, Asian, and pale skinned. The one positive thing is there ARE lots of Asians in California. I have little desire to get plastic implants and don a fake tan ... but is that what is required to make it there? I know this is a UK board so probably not the best place to ask, but I don't know of any other place where escorts gather! If there is anyone here who has worked in both countries please I would like to hear what you have to say. Thanks very much in advance!
  8. I'm planning a revamp of my services and wondered what your thought are towards offering a sort of 'vip' service - a longer, more luxurious (um, extra candles?) appointment, including a glass of wine rather than the soft drinks I usually provide? I have a few of reservations over offering alcohol to clients: Firstly, many gentlemen drive to see me. Although I am walking distance from the city centre most arrive by car and I don't want to encourage anyone to drink and drive. Secondly, people react differently to alcohol. While most will be fine with one or two glasses of wine, others may not be. Thirdly, not everyone drinks alcohol! Fourthly, what if I end up with a couple of these appointments in a row and end up tiddly myself! I could offer non alcoholic wine or a 'grown up pop' for those who don't want to drink, and I could have a glass of this myself if I don't want to drink. Hmm... what do you think of my idea?