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  1. Escort work for girls in USA , AUSTRALIA and LONDON , UK ! Escort tours in USA 1hour 400-600$ , 5-8 appointments per day Escort work in London 1hour 200-250 pounds , 5-8 appointments per day , accommodation in best central London areas such as : Mayfair or Knightsbridge Escort work in Australia 1hour 450-500aud , 5-10 appointments per day , accommodation 25aud per day. You can really make for yourself 500-1500usd per day at all this countries. More information whatsapp/viber : +61478027768
  2. Хорошая возможность для девочек попутешествовать и заработать много денег!
  3. Девочки кто хочет на работу в Австралию?
  4. This girl not long time ago agree to send me back my money but later said that she will not send this money becouse why she need to do this... She will make my life as a hell better and call to police. I forget her. If she need this money more than me let she have them. Good luck to her.
  5. Как интересно.. И кто же этот текст писал? По моему я етот текст уже гдето читал а может даже и сам писал или это мне дежавю?
  6. Yes she payd all commision thats true. But we send her before she come 50% of flight cost and she leave us in maybe 2-3 days. We pay 50% for ticket only if girls work with us 1-2 months. We cant pay for flight tickets if girl come for 2-3 days. She never answer me just now talking shit about me thats not good. She not answer me. Not serious girl without respect to anyone. I dont want to see her in my life but we need to close our finances and she need to send back money which we send her for flight tickets. I dont need her and dont need more money she just need to send back money which we send her for flight tickets. Thats all what I need from her. If there is something wrong let she contact with me.
  7. I dont understand why you leave this review in my topic? My nickname is escortworkforgirls . We publish pictures when we advertise girls and this is not secret this is how we work and girls know that. If girl dont like anything they can leave us and search another agency I dont see there any problem. If girl dont want to do something she must stop our partnership and leave us asap. We dont threat anyone and not report about girls if girls stop our partnership without any problems. If someone not want to work they can just not write us and thats it. We explain to all girls what they will do when they come to work. Thats sounds like lie from concurents. Its not serious.