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  1. One big difference is that Escorting in the US is against the law, and can if caught land you into jail. My guess is that as a foreign citizen you might get deported instead. Not that it stops Escorts from operating. But I'm sure they have to be careful about implying they are selling sex for money. As undercover cops sometimes pose as clients and will try to make you agree to "sex for money". As once you agree to it, they have an excuse to arrest you. So my guess is that genuine clients would never use words like that, and when advertising you'd really need to stress that "payment is for my time and companionship only..." etc.
  2. I think the non-alcoholic but sociably-similar drink idea is excellent. Sipping from nice wine glasses feels glamorous even if the drink in them is perhaps less than glam! I also buy the single-serving dinky bottles of wine, half because I often love a glass of red at the end of a long day but could never finish a bottle myself, and half because they're handy for work. You can both open your own bottle, should anyone be feeling super-cautious that day, and nobody feels obliged to have "just one more". They're not the best wines but you do get a small selection so hopefully you could maybe find a few that you can tolerate? Sometimes I have a client come over at lunchtime for half the afternoon and I'm guessing they've told work they're at a schmoozing client lunch because they bring wine with them and we get completely sozzled (for some reason, two wines at lunch make me twice as tipsy as any later time). That's only, of course, with my sweetie regulars - for shorter appointments, I sometimes wonder whether to even make tea lest they think I'm trying to use up too much of their time with chat! Ugh, nothing's ever simple in this biz.
  3. Blurring the eyes on some will work. I don't use face shots but I have seen some really great ones where just the eye area has been blurred. I doubt anyone would recognize you from the pics, as they are only getting half your face.
  4. I personally dont do a reward scheme. I do offer a ?10 discount with a valid servicemans ID card or a ?30 with an OSM ( afghanistan) or an Assignment order again for Afghanistan with a valid ID card. I do this purely as I was once in the services myself and still like to feel I am doing my bit. Instead of having a set rewards scheme now and then my most regular clients will get a discount but I always make it clear that it is a one off just because I am feeling generous. That way they do not come to expect it all the time.
  5. One of my regulars recently started telling me he really liked me and was falling for me etc. It was incredibly awkward because I love spending time with him but I definitely don't find him attractive. I had to send him an email saying it would never work as I'm an escort and its incredibly messy to date an escort. And I told him all the usual stuff about how he's an amazing guy but he should try to put his feelings aside when he's with me. He went in a big huff about it and was pretty upset so I kept my distance. He eventually got back in touch to apologise for being so dramatic and we now see eachother once a week for an hour and he keeps it very professional between us which is great. If a client has fallen for u then just be honest that you never date them and if he likes you enough he will continue to book you.
  6. Are you sure you are in the right business? The media tends to show both extremes, the hapless street girls and then the uber glossy Belle de Jour kind of scenario. The reality is probably somewhere in the middle for most of us and you might have to reflect and reappraise your expectations. You sound quite young and a bit spoiled, at least the way you present yourself on here. The most successful ladies get the balance right of being confident and setting clear boundaries of what they are comfortable to offer but also realise that clients want to be pampered and spoilt so really it is about them and not your ego. After all they are paying I would presume a decent hourly rate to get a personal and generally affectionate service and kissing seems part and parcel of that. Most clients would expect that from an escort and not kissing is seen akin to more of an old school kind of parlour, pile them high and get them through quick kind of impersonal 'low market' service. If your attitude you show on this thread is shining through with your clients ? you may find it hard to get nice, decent regular clients. You may not do too well if you only reserve a good and full service, including kissing to the most attractive clients. Many of us will try and see something nice and attractive in everyone. So unless you are marketing yourself at short PSE type of encounters, I would say kissing is a fairly commonly expected part of a meeting by the great majority of clients, certainly for longer bookings. That said of course you should decide what you feel comfortable with.
  7. Stripping Vs Camming

    camming pros: - i feel like camming can be much safer than stripping. i guess it depends on the where you live and the level of security of the strip club, but i have heard some horrible, horrible stories, not only of incidents where a stripper was harmed by a customer, but also by fellow strippers. of course, such stories are generally rare but the reality is you are still taking a chance - with camming you dont have to deal with as much of a "cutthroat" environment. you have your own private chatroom, and the focus is on you, and usually you dont have to deal with bitchy/jealous girls trying to undermine your success - flexibility. with a strip club, their are only but so many hours in the day where you can make money. however, with camming and the possibility of working international sites, as well as generating offline sales via content, you can make money 24 hours a day, even while you are sleeping! -larger potential customer base thanks to the internet - less chance of getting falsely accused of performing "extras", dealing with undercover cops and getting arrested, etc - the custys are less likely to think they actually have a chance of getting with you!!
  8. I have noticed that there are quite a few ladies practicing this sevice. I hesitated to offer rimming as a service due to the hygiene concern/cross contamination/picking up undesirables e.g. Diseases, hepatitis etc. I have noticed "some" clients never seem to ever clean the area in a shower. One ex reg or two, sort of wanted me to try it, but clearly, both were "unprepared", seemingly expected me to lick their excrement off his, then and there, without them realising how bad the smell was, one in particular. .. There are others who naturally, understand the importance of washing the area, to prep himself for anal play or rimming, but clearly, you can't expect every single man to practice such a high standard of hygiene for rimming. Do you, categorically, insist on mutual shower to clean him first? I do get nervous as I insist on not picking up hepatitis! Do some of them say, "had shower 20 minutes ago", but you know the smell of poo all over his private area at times...... "How could that be possible?" I ask myself in silence. I might have to phrase it non-offensive manner when getting this point/message across. How do you deal with this hurdle of getting them to clean his ass before rimming without hurting their fragile ego? Also, I would be interested in risks of offering such service in paid for sex/escorting scene. Would we need to take additional tests when you/we are offering regular rimming? Thank you.
  9. What kind of return rate is considered average for a career escort? How many of your clients return to you at least a second time? I'm very interested to know as I'm relatively new to the industry (being a full time escort for just a little over 2 years) and want to try to focus on increasing my return rate.
  10. One of my regulars wants to use sex toys on me. He wants to insert a dildo in my arse whilst fuc##ing me. He usually goes quite hard and fast so a bit worried it might hurt. Also wants to use jigger balls on me which are quite large latex balls you insert inside you or arse. He said he has used both before and they will give me amazing orgasms. Just wanted to know if anyone has done this before and what your experience has been. I love pleasure but not pain.
  11. I offer threesomes with another girl and done a couple of jobs together. One regular has enquired but wants us to do a lesbian show with us kissing and giving each other oral and he will join in. It's not something we have done before so wondering if this is expected as part of a three some. If not just wondering could we charge extra as it is a special request. Does anyone have experience of this. Another regular wants to set up a three some with a male escort. Wants sex whilst I give escort a bj which is fine with me. But then wants anal whilst escort has sex at the same time. I do offer anal and done it with him which was fine. Has anyone done this. Would appreciate feedback on the best way to achieve this as have no idea the best position to do this. Have asked for the escorts contact details to make sure he is genuine.
  12. I don't get many smelly clients but I had one this morning and the smell was so bad that even though I had a shower straight after, I can still have the smell of it in my nose. How do you cope when you have a client like this who says he just showered before he came? xx