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  1. NY Photographer Jose Guerra 201-362-7900
  3. Rich Cutrone photography and retouching Miami
  5. Nata Lysyakova Photographer,stylist . Москва-Miami-NYC.+79613896866-what's app all art by me. ✉
  6. То есть получается 9 тыс дол расходы и приблизительно 7-10 тыс доходы. Это значит минус 50 процентов от заработка будут уходить на расходы в месяц и соответственно плюс 50 процентов прибыль. Если 3 клиента в день в среднем, то это $750 и минус 50 процентов расходы, то получается чистыми деньгами в день $375 в среднем. Это ОК если клиенты проверенные.
  7. Make sure you take down the client info. Ask if he has seen an escort before. Check his personal information with the escort blacklist database
  8. Always tell someone where your going and what time you will finish.
  9. 1.Working for yourself benefits: You can keep all the money You pick the clients you work with You set your prices You can pick the days off 2.Working for yourself draw backs: You don't have as much protection as working for an agency You can get hurt if you don't screen the guy the right way You are alone with a stranger who you don't know You have to market yourself 3.Working for an agency Benefits: You have a team of people watching out for you at all times The men are screened before they get to you You don't have to market yourself, the company handles that for you You can meet other woman in the same field in the company that can offer you advice. 4.Working for an agency drawbacks. A part of the money is given to the agency You might be forced to work on days you don't want to You have a set boss and you must obey their rules
  10. Below you will discover how to be an escort, what it takes to be an escort and how to do a number of things while being an escort. Becoming an escort isn't an easy job. Like all jobs, it has its benefits and its drawbacks. The fact that it is a very personal kind of career can be a great thing and a bad thing at times. It takes a strong person to become an escort and to continue being an escort for years to come. You will discover the truth behind an escort. You will also get a number of tips and advice to help you in this journey. 1.Think it through. 6 Questions to ask yourself before you even start reading this. Am I ready to commit to being an escort? Do I enjoy the idea of being a companion to another and get paid for that? Will I tell my family and friends? Am I prepared for their reaction? Can I handle the emotional effects of being an escort? Am I going into this field for the money or for the fun? 2.Decide why you should become an escort. There are shows on cable that show these people getting paid a lot of money to do something they love doing and have no problem doing it. So what are the benefits? You may feel sexy. You get paid to be pampered. You pick the hours you work. Dating a man and have no strings attached. You get paid really good money. 3.Learn the Rules and Guidelines. When becoming an escort, the rules are about being safe and staying confident in your choice. Below you will find a selection of rules and guidelines that can help you when you start working. Safety is very important to both your body and for yourself. Make sure that you keep your body safe and also healthy. Money should never transfer actual hands. The money for the services is normally called a donation and should be placed somewhere discreetly inside the hotel room. Saying no is okay. Be prepared for somebody to be upset, when you say no, but also stay firm in your answer. It's okay to say so and ask that you not do it. Enjoy the person you are with. You shouldn't feel that you are cheating or betraying the man you might love simply because you spent unforgettable time with your client. 4.Have the right personality. Being an escort isn't for most people because most people want relationships for love or commitment. It is important to be able to divide your personal wants from your professional realities. Decide on what your limitations will be in terms of forming relationships, involving kissing, etc. Look deep inside and be honest with yourself as to your ability to handle this type of work. A role like this is more suitable for a strong individual who likes independence and distance from others, yet is able to communicate well and understand other's needs. 5.Research the escort agencies. Find reputable ones that are well run and can demonstrate to you that they put their employee's needs first and take good care of you. Check security arrangements. Check how they vet clients. Check the income earned. Check whether you click. This is a people business and you need to feel comfortable around the people you're working for, as well as with clients. If you decide to do this alone, realize that it will be a lot harder and possibly dangerous. 6.Ask the agency to run you through the basics of safety, client satisfaction, and protection against sexual diseases. Make sure you screen your client and check his info against a client blacklist database. Know what to do if a client turns violent or asks you to do things you don't want to. Know how to demand and ensure that protection is worn. Know the etiquette of not discussing clients with other clients or anyone else. Also, don't try to pry into your client's private life; leave all of that well alone. Learn to be patient and not poach other people's clients.
  11. Hey girls maybe someone can explain me what is it?