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  1. At the northern edge of the Kobos Lowlands, you will be be able to find a volcano, where you can find Brimstone, home to the Kahlith. And a new Slayer Master will be added here. Besides, some Slayer creatures will be coming too, such as Drake, Hydra and Alchemical Hydra. Konar accessed by players with 75 Combat The upcoming Slayer Master Konar can be found in Brimstone, and the monsters assigned by him have to be killed in a specific area. There will be 18 Slayer reward points awarded with one task from him completed and a chance to hit a new global loot table for all kills on his task. And the loot table will be split into two potential rewards, generic loot ( a sight increase to your profits) and a rare chance to get the tradeable one-handed Dragon hasta, having a special attack named Unleash for increasing the damage & accuracy of your attack. New Slayer creatures within the Mount Karuulm Slayer dungeon Here will detail several new Slayer creatures, added along with Konar: Drake (84 Slayer required): Assigned by Duradel, Nieve and Konar, they have melee and ranged attacks. And they may drop claws & teeth as the attachments for boots. Hydra (95 Slayer required): Assigned only by Konar, they use ranged & magic attacks. And there is a chance to drop Eye of the hydra, Fang of the hydra, Heart of the hydra and a Hydra tail Alchemical Hydra (95 Slayer required): This new solo Slayer boss will be assigned only by Konar. And it may drop the Ferocious gloves, a Hydra claw, the pet Alchemical Hydra and so on. What’s more, to kill them you have to be at the new specific area, a brand-new Slayer dungeon - Mount Karuulm Slayer dungeon.Are your fighting blood boiling already right now? Please be patient for their coming and buy RS 07 gold from RSorder safely.