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  1. Being an escort is one job where there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around. Often people get into the escort business without actually knowing what it is all about. Here are a few things that you should know if you are considering becoming an escort. Escorts are not glorified prostitutes As an escort you are essentially selling your time, attention and entertainment (which also entails sexual service most of the time) to your client. Prostitution, on the other hand, is all providing sexual services in exchange for money. This is a pretty common myth doing the rounds among people who are not clued in to the escort business. An escort provides far more value to a client. Moreover, an escort does not always engage in sex with his/her clients. Now because people tend to equate the two, men often contact escorts purely for sexual services. Of course, there are many women, who are escorts only in name. In reality, they only provide sexual services. It is very difficult to draw the line between the two and hence there’s a confusion. An escort doesn’t provide only sex Again the myth, that providing escort services is only a dignified way of saying that you are a prostitute, results from the previous point. Many businessmen hire escorts for various purposes including dinner dates and travelling. Indeed many escorts provide hourly services and do business with multiple clients a day. Escorts are paid more, because they provide clients with far more than just sex. They provide companionship and attention, which makes people feel nice. In many cases with escorts, sexual service lasts only for a few minutes, while other tasks take up far more of their time. An escort has to listen to a client Many individuals, who are skeptical of the escort business, tend to think that once you are paid, you have to do what the client wants. This is far from the truth. An escort, in fact, has far more control over what services she provides to clients. As an escort, you can tell your clients what you provide and what you don’t. There are definite terms and conditions. Of course, many clients reject certain escorts, because they don’t agree to be their terms. However, there are many more clients who understand that they pay an escort for their time and not for doing certain sexual favours. Escorts are Not Dumb Escorts are stereotyped as being beautiful but dumb. This is the result of years of movies depicting them as such. Many escorts are very intelligent and highly educated. Some of them have specialized graduate degrees. In fact, the more educated an escort is, the higher her rates. Clients are willing to pay more for smart escorts, than for dumb ones. If you treat being an escort as a business, you will be respected by your clients too. As mentioned above, being an escort means far more than selling sex. You need to be smart to do other tasks as well, which is why escorts are respected more by people. Rest assured that female intelligence is very much craved for by clients. You don’t need to be blonde and size zero You may believe that you need to have that perfect figure, in order to become a good escort. This is however one of those myths that you have gathered from the movies that you have seen. Understand that clients who hire escorts regularly know far better than just mammaries. They pay them for the entire package. Again, this is where escorts and prostitutes differ vastly from each other. Also, if you think you need to be extremely thin like all those fashion models, you are wrong. Yes, being beautiful and having the right figure certainly helps as an escort. However, what matters the most is whether you have the smarts. You need to carry yourself well and present yourself as a professional escort. Clients highly value escorts who put a price on their service and spend quality time with them. Being an escort can be real business, instead of a compromised career Many women tend to think that the escort business isn’t really a business and just something you do to earn extra income. Those who are professional escorts and earn good money from the job know far better. It depends on how you treat the job. If you think it is just a temporary gig, it will be for you. If you take it seriously and open up a business for yourself, you will find that you have to work as hard as any professional. It is a full time job that involves a lot of work including advertising, meetings with a lot of clients, marketing and everything that a proper business entails. People who say that being an escort is a way of making easy money are usually those who are jealous of the others in the business. The realities of the job are however very different from what most people think. There is a lot of care involved All said and done, being an escort, especially an inexperienced one certainly isn’t without its risks. There are clients who have many misunderstandings about escorts that are mentioned above. However, if you follow the proper safety rules, there is no reason you should be worried about the risks. An escort needs to be very careful about how she communicates with her client. It is important that you have as much information about your client as possible. If a client gives you his name and number, you should verify it to be true. Also, if you are on an outcall, you need to verify that the address given to you is real. It is safer to have a driver to drive you to your clients’ place and back. All those people who look down upon the escort business think that it is only taken up by women who were either abused as children or who are emotionally damaged. There are plenty of smart and rich women who run their own escort business and are proud of it.
  2. Fashion plays a very vital role in the escort industry, which in many ways is a glamour industry as well. Glamour and escorts go hand in hand as if the escorts do not look glamorous and sexy, they won’t be escorts. It is because their amazing looks, sense of style, fashionable clothes and curvaceous body why they are in this business and doing well at it. While it is primarily necessary for every escort to be in shape and take care of their facial looks and skin, it is also very necessary to enhance their already good looks by having a fashion sense which puts them above the rest. You as an escort should not in general, look like any other ordinary girl out there who can be easily approached, befriended and get laid with ease. You must look gorgeous and awesomely different from the rest or simply put, you must look special, someone whom clients can flaunt and be proud to have as a companion. When you are wearing good clothes and decorating yourself with the right amount of makeup, good hairstyle and perfect accessories, you are sure to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. When you draw the eyes of other gentlemen present when you first meet the client in a public place, your client will immediately know he has got what he has asked for and this in many ways is seducing as well. Being fashionably right and regularly updated with the current fashion trends is very necessary for any escort as the world is changing and so are the demands of the clients. If you look like a vintage piece in front of a contemporary minded gentleman, he would in a very polite manner, cancel the appointment. This is certainly something you do not want and thus, you should always be geared with the best of attires and accessories, which not only enhances your looks but adds to your overall personality and gives you an identity, which your clients will remember for years to come. Looking around and observing what other escorts are doing with their fashion gear will also help you get an idea of what needs to be done about your sense of fashion and style. Here, we are listing a few of the fashion tips for escorts which would help you get a better idea of how to stay up to date when it comes to fashion, especially in the escort industry. Make your own identity and do not follow what others do. You know your body better than anyone, so take ideas from others for sure, but buy only those apparels which you feel comfortable in and which you can carry well. Know what is going on in the fashion industry these days. You need to look urban, contemporary as well as stylish along with looking gorgeous and sexy at the same time. That's a lot to ask for without a doubt but this is what the escort industry demands from you to be successful. Keeping yourself updated through media, TV shows, fashion magazines and shopping around from time to time, will help you know what it is that men like and women prefer these days. Being and looking sexy is very important as an escort and thus, showing off a bit always helps. You need to be seductive sooner or later during the session and if you are wearing clothes from head to toe, it just might turn off your clients. Nobody is asking you to be vulgar or cheap. Just look elegant, while showing off a little amount of flesh in the right places. Basically, not too much not too little. Keeping client’s mouth water at all times will help you later. Wearing short dresses is highly recommended but you need to know the occasion as well as the venue you are meeting your client. You need to consider if it is an in-call or out-call, whether you are going for a dinner date or partying late through the night or if you are simply hitting the hotel room. Knowing these facts will help you what to wear and which fashion gear you need to select for the session. Prefer branded apparels over cheap roadside stuff. There is a huge difference even if you feel the roadside stuff looks awesome. It is the investment you are making into your profession and not actually showcasing your love for shopping, so take it seriously. It will reap you great results even if it isn’t visible immediately. Make sure that you go to a beauty parlor every now and then and get your hair styled, skin therapies and facial done. It helps in many ways to keep your body clean and in proper condition. It is not only your face, but about your whole body so taking care of every part of your body just as properly is very crucial for your success in this business. Dress for the occasion. Have your wardrobe ready for all kinds of occasions starting from a dinner date, club parties to conferences. Different clients will have different requirements so make sure that you have it all to avoid last minute confusion and rush. Wear matching accessories, footwear and carry a matching handbag or purse as well, if possible. You do not want to look like a multi-color clown with no dress sense or style, unless that's the clients fetish. Do not copy others. Someone might look excellent in a gown, while you might look awesome in a simple short dress. Look what suits you and judge your dressing style accordingly. To make an identity of your own is very important to survive in this industry. Do not wear something which makes you the odd one out. Wear clothes which wont embarrass your clients, instead it should be something which will make him proud of his choice. No matter what you choose to wear, ensure that you are comfortable in it because if you are not comfortable, it will lower your confidence and make you ultra conscious which you certainly won’t be able to hide for long, eventually making you look amateur and unprofessional. Wear according to your body. You can consult with a fashion consultant or a designer in this regards. If you have a bulky lower portion or big breasts, you will need to wear something which can give you a balanced look, which is appealing yet making you look proportionate. A professional designer can help you in suggesting how to achieve that. Last of all, carry an attitude which makes you look smart and sexy at the same time, otherwise all the preparation will bite the dust. Keeping these fashion tips in mind while going to meet your client will help you give a better impression to your client and win his heart in more ways than one. It is your first impression which will go a long way in getting more references, tip as well as the appointment for the next meeting from him again. So, take your fashion sense and style as seriously as you take your body in the escort industry as you cannot have one without the other. Being fashionable and stylish helps in creating an impression which is very necessary for high profile escorts to make and with an urban classy attitude mixed with it, you are sure to go a long way in making a successful career out of escorting.
  3. As an escort, your looks and appearance are always under scrutiny and that is why you should make sure that you look your best at all times during working hours. It is naturally seen that most of the girls who are in the escort industry are naturally beautiful but due to the high competition, the way you dress and makeup yourself can make a huge difference. The escort industry consists of girls and women of all shapes and sizes to satisfy the needs of different people with different desires but one of the most important factors when meeting a new client, which can make a lot of difference is how you dress yourself. No matter which category of escort you belong to, whether you are BBW or a GFE escort, the way you dress can help you get more clients, create an appealing impression and it goes without saying it will help in seducing the client too. The escort industry is about fun and pleasure. Depending upon where your meeting is going to be initiated, you can think of what to wear accordingly. If the meeting is scheduled at a high profile bar and restaurant, you have to have a really sophisticated urban look which looks classy and sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. You don’t really have to be an attention seeker but what you need to do is look elegant and graceful. If you are a beginner in the escort industry and thinking what you should wear for your first escort meeting, then no matter what you eventually choose to wear, make sure it is comfortable. When you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you will be able to be yourself else you will be too conscious to give it your best. Faking a different look in which you are not comfortable will affect your performance as well as personality and this can go a long way in hampering your image in front of the customer, who just might not like you enough to book you next time. Considering most of the escorts depend on repeat clients for their business, it is necessary that you provide the best services to captivate the client’s imagination so that he considers booking you when he gets the opportunity next time. Just because you are in the escort industry, doesn’t mean you have to show off too much flesh. Wearing short skimpy clothes is not the only way to go. For high rise occasions and venues, you can choose to wear long dresses or knee length dresses, something like prom or grad dress with a small clutch purse and high heel shoes. That should give you that perfect look for high profile venues. Wearing short skirts and elegant low tees will also give you that mysterious appeal you are looking for. Short halter type dress, which might be backless is a very good option too for such occasions and are basically versatile and can go along with just any sort of venues, whether casual or high profile. Many of the people you take suggestions from will ask you to follow what they wear generally but remember that you need to make your own identity in this business and you do not want to copy someone else's style. Keep in mind who you are going to meet, the age of the client and where you are going. Client’s also at times do request on purpose what the escort should wear and if you have instructions, it solves half the problems. In any case, you should not compromise on the comfort part because if you are not comfortable, half of the time, your mind will be stuck to it. You should try and avoid wearing jewelry as that means you will have to keep track of where you are putting and keeping it safely because eventually, it's all is coming off. Having less to track is better when going for an escort meeting. When the appointment is set for the room of the client or your house directly, you can try to be more experimental with your attire. Wearing seducing sexy very short dress with seducing lingerie inside will be a good way to attract the client towards you and giving him a good time. Your makeup plays a very important part as well along with what you wear. Wearing makeup is okay but you should not over do it as it will make you look whorish which you certainly don’t want. Escorts are women for high profile entertainment and you should always have a classy appeal as well as makeup. Also, makeup should be something like that which does not destroy your client’s clothing. Keep it subtle and graceful while being visibly present enough in optimum amounts. Make sure that your hairstyle compliments your dress code no matter what you choose to wear. You can consult your regular hair stylist before the meeting and if you are a pro, you will generally be able to do it yourself but if you are a beginner or if this is your first meeting, the consulting of a hair stylist is important as it can make or break your look. All in all, it can be said that you need to be yourself while ensuring that you are able to show a good portion of your skin in a very classy manner, that it looks elegantly sexy and appealing without looking vulgar or cheap.
  4. Being an escort is not very easy. There are many nuances to it. In this industry to be an escort of the high strata involves a lot more than you would usually anticipate. Attracting clients might not be difficult for you owing to your beauty or appeal but sustaining or retaining those clients is of utmost importance to keep your business going. An escort must not always be essentially beautiful. Being beautiful is not enough in this field. You need to have personality so that you can comprehend and understand well what your client is looking for in your encounters. To retain your clients you need to establish better connections with your clients. It is very important that you connect to your clients emotionally. Often, at times we fail to understand the reasons behind hiring an escort. We essentially think in one dimension and conveniently conclude by thinking that a client is looking for sex and that is why he or she resorts to an escort agency or an independent escort. But there are many unrevealed reasons as to why men hire escorts. They often are unsatisfied with their own conjugal life, or are simply stressed out; they are at times extremely lonely and are looking out for some emotional support and meaningful companionship. Indulging in sexual activities is certainly a very important aspect of this profession but in order to establish better connections with your clients you do need to take into account the above mentioned things too. These things will make your client oriented which is of utmost importance in this field. Be Client Oriented An escort should always keep in mind that his or her primary concern should be their client’s satisfaction. They should always shape things according to the client’s will and choice. Every step taken should keep in mind the client’s need and desire. An escort should be able to establish a connection with her client in order to serve him better. Now you must be thinking how to do that, well let me tell you: Initially make simple and light conversation with your client. Next try exploring your client’s world by asking him questions related to his workplace, his place of birth, his marital status etc. Then try and delve deeper by trying to know the reasons behind his need for an intimate and comfortable adult companionship. Try to draw out any fetishes or fantasies he may have. There maybe things he wants to do which he cannot do with his wife. By probing your client in this manner not only will you get to know him better which will certainly aid you to serve him better but your client will also be able to connect better with you. He will also have this feeling that “you care” which is indeed very essential. This will certainly keep the client coming back to you. Be Empathetic As an escort you should always think what you can do to serve these men better. You must always relate to their problems and hence your motive should always be targeted towards reducing their difficulties. Through your expressions and work your client should understand that you are taking the steps required to relieve them of their stress and satisfy them. You should try to fill their emotional voids and their egos. An escort should know how to suspend loneliness and instill sexual poise and confidence in their clients. All these will aid your client to feel very comfortable in your presence and he will automatically connect to you with great ease. Communicate Transparently When you meet a client for the first time you should always communicate clearly with him since many clients are very particular and they know exactly why they are visiting an escort. They come with certain expectations and will want you to fulfil them. Often clients get very disappointed on not receiving what they had expected and desired. Hence to avert any such situation it is essential that you communicate clearly with him by getting to know his hopes, desires, needs and concerns. This transparency helps in establishing a better connection with your clients. Professional Conduct Being professional is very important. You need to have a healthy mind frame to understand your clients better. You should be both physically and emotionally healthy in order to look better and even perform better. A professional attitude is often regarded by clients as a high quality which shows just how dedicated and serious you are about your work. Being a professional escort is not easy. You need to do certain things to be termed as professional. Be very punctual, arrive to sessions on time. You should be enthusiastic no matter how weary you are. Go that extra mile and remain bushy-tailed throughout the session. Focus all your energy and attention on the client. Be appropriately dressed and maintain proper hygiene. Be very respectful and focus on your client. All these qualities will not only ensure quality service but will also have a very good impression on your client. You should also make sure that he feels absolutely comfortable and does not feel uneasy and get dispassionate or bored. Experience should be such that your client would always keep coming back to you for more quality intimate companionship. Appreciate Clients Most clients prefer being appreciated and pampered. Do acknowledge them; ask for more time if possible. This will portray to the client your concern and appreciation for them. Show them how intently you value their companionship, show them that you care. These will help you and the client both to connect better with each other. He will feel more secure and look for more intimate companionship with you. Your concern for your clients will be a vital factor which will not only invite more clients but will also sustain your old clients. If you are an escort and would like to connect better with your clients than remember to jot down these points discussed here in your little black book. These will be of great help in this escort business.
  5. People, who have heard about the escort industry, think it's easy money. Well, it just might be if you have a strong client base full of repeat clients but unfortunately, this is not the case in the beginning plus increasing competition compels you to take risks at times. Escorts have to deal with different kinds of people and at times, these clients might not be the gentlemen you hoped for. Clients can get aggressive at times and escorts need to take measures to keep themselves safe. Putting your well being at stake for the sake of getting a client is far from desiarable. Even the smallest hint of anger should not be taken lightly when entertaining a new client or maybe even an old client. Never try your luck to the extent of things getting out of hand. The world of escorting is as good as your worst experience and therefore, it is best to safeguard your well being and interests and know how to do it, the right way. In this article, we will particularly focus on how to deal with aggressive clients. For other safety and health tips, you can refer to other articles on this site. Coming back to the point, while in the escort business, it is natural for escorts to meet new clients who can sometimes be rude, wild, aggressive or unfriendly. You must have heard that some people like to get agressive during intimacy, in fact this is their fantasy. Some people are materialistic and think that escorts are objects and since, generous rates are provided, it gives them the liberty to treat escorts as such. Well, this surely is their misconception but at that particular moment, what you need to do is cancel the session and if things are really nasty, just get the hell out of there and inform the agency. The tips on handling aggressive clients would be to be calm and cool the situation as soon as there are hints of anger entering into the session. If you find yourself in a situation where a client is getting angry, don’t panic or if you do, don’t show it. Observe the actions for the next few minutes and if things continue to intensify, try to calm the situation and if your message is not welcomed in a proper way, you need to make sure you get out of there. This is why working for an agency is a good idea as you can alert them to the problem by phone and they can call the client to try and calm him down. If the agency cannot resolve the matter then the agency can make it clear to him that they are only round the corner and are on their way to the appointment. The best way for an agency to difuse the situation is to inform the customer that security is on their way round. If possible, don’t drive yourself; get a driver to escort you to any outcalls. If you drive yourself, make sure it is parked in such a way that the client can see only the back portion of the car, which will give him the feeling that someone is waiting in the car for you. You need to clearly mention and clarify with your client via your agency the services which you would be providing and things that will not be entertained in a polite manner. Even when you meet the client, if the moment arises, it is best to push into the conversation what the deal is so that the client knows his limits and what he will be getting. Whatever the case, the idea is to make sure the client knows from the very beginning that you have a helping hand around and that backup is ready, just in case, something goes wrong. You don’t want to scare your client obviously, but you just need to do enough to make him respect you and your profession. Aggressive clients are not that common in the escort industry, despite common misconception and if you come across an aggressive client during the session, pull yourself out immediately and get out of there. The tricky situation is when you are not able to get out immediately. You don’t want to make an already aggressive client get even angrier. This is why, first calculate the whole situation and count your options. Keep a phone nearby in case you need it. Try to be polite and make him understand that this is not allowed and will not be entertained. Many clients who tend to get carried away during the encounter will immediately gather themselves back and realize they have done something wrong and will apologize for the mistake. Others might just turn more violent and this is the time, when you will need your phone, inform your agency and call for help nearby. Preparing for such situations beforehand and always keeping an eye on your client during the session is very important to take action at the right time. Try to resolve situations with your sensibility and common sense politely and calmly but if things get out of hand, do what you can and leave.
  6. Being a glamorous and scintillating escort is not good enough. You should know the tricks well to reach out to the maximum number of clients and increase client response. This takes into account certain key strategies which if incorporated into your promotional ads will surely fetch you more brownie points and definitely more clients than the rest and this will enable you to earn much more than you had ever thought. Let us discuss some indispensable strategies which will ensure a better client response. Publicize in various directories Online directory websites are a great place to advertise your services. You can normally add your profile to a directory completely free of charge. Directories will then charge for premium listings. A directory will have tons of categories to advertise your services in. Categories normally consist of areas, escort types and price bands. With most directories you can select which categories you want to appear in and then by paying a fee become a featured listing in that category. The benefits to advertising in a directory is the fact they already have very good search engine placements. To find the best escort directories to advertise in simple do a search on Google for the keywords a client would type to find you for example "Blonde London Escort" or "Escort in Chelsea". Have a look at the results that come up and if they are directories they are worth advertsing in. You may be contacted quite a lot by escort directories wanting to sell you their advertising services but only pay to advertise with the directories that topple the search engines otherwise you wont be seen and would have wasted you hard earned money. Provide More Services Every client is different, every client has fantasies and he is looking for the right escort to fulfill those fetishes. It is important that you learn all the different services offered in the escort industry and take on board as many as you feel comfortable with. For example a big fetish is dress up or uniforms, a lot of guys like cheerleader or schoolgirl outfits so offering a roleplay service might increase your clientele. It's also a good idea to portray any fetishes in your online photography. If you have outfits and you offer roleplay make sure you show this in your photos. Sensuous thumbnail photographs It is very essential for escort agencies and also for independent escorts to have attractive and alluring photographs of them so they instantly grab a client’s attention. He or she should be completely bowled over by your sensuality since viewers usually view these thumbnail photos while seeking the girl of their ultimate desire. The photos should be so immensely flattering that a client can never say no to you. After viewing the thumbnail photo the client will automatically view your profile and will eventually give you a call thus enabling you to have more business. Clear professional photos Never post cheap low grade hazy photographs of yourself on the internet. This will lead to a low client response. Clients will turn you down by thinking you to be a low class unrefined amateur escort. Escorts who post real photographs of themselves, taken by a professional photographer will always be a more attractive proposal to all potential clients. These photos help the escorts acquire a lot of business since most clients are awed by the sensuality of the women in the photograph and want to experience them first hand. Variety is essential Photographs should be changed at periodic intervals. If you stick with the same photographs for years then it diminishes the viewer’s interest. You should always update your website with new enticing photographs. Try changing your look by experimenting with different styles and by flaunting sexy garments. You never know but a client might just get turned on by those red kinky knee length killer heel boots and just a tiny little bikini top. Fashion accessories and colorful wigs are great tools which not only enhance your look but also provoke and incite the viewers instantly. Their irresistibility towards you leads them to hire you for companionship. Avoid being fake Include text which matches your profile and is relevant. Often clients land up hiring escorts for a mentioned quality of theirs but become thoroughly dissapointed after not getting what was promised. This leads to dwindling client response and you are often not desired and considered a fake at the same time. This should never be, you must be as transparent as possible in order to increase client response by providing them what you've promised in your profile. Pay for a top position on the website Research shows that escorts who acquire top positions in the thumbnail rails by paying more to the directories are the ones who get most visits and client response. These above mentioned strategies will prove extremely beneficial to those escorts and escort agencies who are seeking ways to enhance their customer response. These tactics if applied will definitely enhance and boost client response and will also provide better exposure to the escorts. These strategies will enable them to portray themselves better in front of their clients thus magnifying their scope of income. More Related Articles
  7. Do you consider every matter very personally? Does your mood change frequently? Can a meaningless occurrence demolish your whole day? Are you easily attacked by what a person says or thinks about you? Do you allow conditions and people to attack your feelings and effect your behaviour? Do you fail every time to impress your clients? And the main reason is that you don’t have inner peace. Well, an escort should have all these mental barriers. She or he should be emotionally free of any attachments to serve his or her clients in a better manner. In the professional world of an escort, emotional detachment is imperative as it will help him or her to become a good escort service provider for their clients. There should be some social bonding! But, when a profession demands someone to be very strong and emotionally detached from any barriers, one has to respond accordingly. In the sector of the escort service industry, professional demand is just the same. Imagine how much mental, emotional, and physical energy you can stop sparing, if you could refrain from becoming angry, upset, or moody. Generally, lack of emotional detachment causes attachment to the pain of letting go, and to refrain from changes. You require a few degrees of emotional detachment, if you want to feel free, and to make the quality of your life better. Else, people and events, your thoughts, memories and the past, will bring you down. Emotional disturbance, hurt feelings, and anger cause tension and unhappiness. And these lead to more suffering, pain, and broken relationships. These are the common emotional barriers for an escort. Life, being an escort is not easy at all. Thus, set yourself free of any mental blocks and become a hardcore professional. The more money you can have in your pocket, the more the world is with you. Those who have money, never remain alone! If you want to take pleasure of inner peace, it is a must that you make an effort to achieve at least a few degrees of emotional detachment. It is not so important to be involved with matters too emotionally. That takes too much of your energy, time, and health. Highly emotional involvement disturbs your brain and feelings, and blocks up common sense, inner peace, and the right judgment. Emotional detachment would not essentially solve all lifes problems. Yet, being more balanced emotionally will help you make better decisions like which customers to get involved with and which ones to stay clear of. Importance for Escorts Detachment, as said in this article, does not make you wish to refrain from meeting people or observing practical facts. You can meet and work with numerous people, contract with different clients, show friendliness, compassion and love, and keep up a state of composure, calmness, and inner strength. This will make your client satisfied and would certainly help you to accumulate money, without feeling guilty for anything and anyone. Value your profession, and that is the only noble thing in this world! Emotional detachment is very important while serving clients. It creates a condition of inner peace and composure, which can’t be affected by external events, or by clients' moods or state of minds. When dealing with your clients at your job, a state of emotional detachment is beneficial as it will make you more focused towards your job and clients get the ultimate satisfaction. The world is full of arses! There are so many people who do not value the services of an escort. Well, it is also important to stay emotionally detached with clients to avoid these circumstances. True emotional detachment brings an inner attitude, which provides you the power to interact with clients, show friendly and passionate behaviour, and maintain a state of equanimity. Emotional detachment can assist you to retain self-control, a state of calmness, and psychic integrity, when operating with your daily matters of life and in your interactions with clients. One of the crucial factors of emotional detachment is the power to evade getting involved with unhealthy or unnecessary emotions and reactions. It assists you in refraining from being disrupted by what people do or say, or by their behaviour or reactions. Emotional detachment keeps you safe from becoming upset by external situations or conditions. It does not essentially alter your circumstances, but it changes your feelings about what is happening outside. With this power, you can protect thoughts about unpleasant or distressing facts from your memories, and avoid recalling them in your mind again and again, which can hamper your state of mind and thus hampering client relationships. It protects you from being manipulated, or hurt by negative people. Way to Learn Emotional detachment is a type of skill or technique, of which you can gain knowledge like any other skill. It is a very important skill for every person, everywhere, and in all steps of life. It is the antidote to continuous thinking about the past times, worries about the future, thinking about why this or that person behaved like this or what the person thinks about you, and taking every matter too personally. This is a quality that every escort should learn to posess. You should learn to avoid thinking about unpleasant or distressing facts from your past. Don’t recall those events which hurt you too much in your mind over and again. Learn to avoid taking seriously events and circumstances that demand a serious outlook. Every job has its own value thus we have every right to live with self-respect. Find your way to maintain peace and comfort in the company of a person! You must understand and listen to your clients' problems carefully, but do not disclose any of your problems. In this way you can interact with your client freely and eventually become their desire. Learn how to remain balanced and calm, and use common sense! Well-built emotional detachment makes a state of inner equanimity and peace, which can’t be interfered with by other people's moods or circumstances.
  8. As an escort there are many things you need to keep in mind while meeting your client. You not only need to create an impression and make him happy, you also need to see that you are safe and that the criteria you have set for the meeting is also checked. Most of the times, a proper screening of the client is done on pre-listed parameters either by the agency or by yourself and only when the client is seen as good to go, is when the meeting is confirmed and rates are fixed. So, most of the time, there are very little chances of anything going wrong but still, there is a long list of do’s as well as do not’s that you need to take care of and keep in mind at all times. If you have screened well and checked with the client's personal details and verified the same, you can be sure that nothing much is wrong and hence, you can fix the appointment and start preparing yourself for the meeting. Dress up nicely, style your hair as well as wear subtle makeup and get ready for the booking. Below are the list of do’s and do not’s mentioned for your further reference – Do’s – As soon as you arrive at the meeting point, it is very important that you are confident as well as assertive. Being in control of the situation and looking like it, is very important for many reasons. Be polite, friendly, professional and cordial even when the client is not quite a gentleman. Keep very limited items on your person like limited cash and a mobile phone, just in case. If anything seems weird or fishy, tell him that you need to leave or cancel the appointment. It is advisable to take a driver along on an outcall booking. Check the donation amount as soon as you get in. A Gentleman will make sure that you do not have to ask for it and places it neatly on the table. Make sure that services are always provided after the donation is taken and checked. Keep enough condoms on your person and no matter what, do not provide just any services without wearing protection. Check the body of the client for any kinds of wounds, scars, red bumps, allergy marks and so on and inquire if you feel it looks serious. Generally, clients are notified of the services which would be provided before the booking. In case you feel the need, during the conversation, push in the terms and conditions again. Try to be seductive and as per client’s wish list, get your act together and make him feel like he is getting one of the best value for money services. Fulfill his fantasies and fetishes, but the point is to not stretch your limits beyond what you feel comfortable with. Do whatever is possible, within your safety and hygiene limits. Keep identity documents in your car or at home and do not take it in your purse along when meeting a client. Keeping your identity secret and discreet at all times is very important in this business, for your own good. Even if it is a repeat client, be thoroughly professional, even if a bit more friendly. You do not owe him more than what he has paid for. Ask the client to take a bath or bath him and make it a part of the session if you feel the need. No amount of money is worth the risk of getting a disease by getting intimate with a dirty and distasteful client. Don’ts – Being professional doesn’t mean you have to have an uptight attitude. Do not be full of attitude or totally materialistic. It is about having a good time and you need not behave like a sex object, who means nothing else. Do wait for the client to pay your donation by himself and ask only if time has passed by and he has not offered it yet. Do not drink with clients. If you have to have a drink or two, make sure the client opens the beverage container in front of you or better still open it yourself. If he doesn’t, politely refuse. If you are going to party with the client, accompany the client and see the beverage being poured and carry the glass yourself. Do not entertain the use of drugs or any other illegal substance in your presence and neither consume it yourself. Do not keep your purse with cash and mobile phone far away from yourself. It should always be accessible and at hand’s length from yourself. Do not develop an emotional relationship with your client or plan to marry or befriend him beyond professional relationship. Some clients will offer you the world and 9 times out of 10 don't back it up. Do not act dumb or too dull. Assert all the signs of you being a thorough professional and act like you know the game inside and out, even if you don’t. Your confidence can save you from getting into a tough situations half the time. Do not discuss your personal life with clients. Do not disclose your personal details or identity to your clients during the meeting, no matter how good he seems to be. Do not take bad sessions to your heart and similarly, do not feel disheartened or sucked in by your client’s personal problems. Let him vent it out if he must, but do not take it seriously. You have your set of problems too. Do not negotiate your price. Do not fall for people who say they can make you a star. Do not let clients blackmail you and say they will give you bad reviews if you don’t provide so and so services. Do not accept payments in any other form other than cash. Money orders, credit cards, bank transfers, cheques are strictly not allowed. Do not extend your time without getting paid. The details above should cover the basics, though the list can be endless. It is only the experiences that you will have while you are in the industry, which will make you a complete professional as in any other business or field. The tips mentioned above and the other information that you can get on this site will help you be better prepared for all kinds of situations and make you a better beginner compared to others. Whether you are a pro or a newbie, these general tips are helpful for all and are researched to be the primary do’s and don’ts you just cannot miss or skip.
  9. Security of the escorts is the most important aspect which needs to be carefully sorted out and considered before meeting clients. Absolutely nothing can be left to chance because being an escort can be a risky business and can leave escorts quite vulnerable. However, taking right security measures can ensure that the vulnerability of the escorts is reduced greatly. Meeting different kinds of clients every day of different backgrounds, natures and character is some what tough and getting along politely and being at your best all the time can sometimes take a toll on you. But, it should be noted that under no circumstances, no matter how much you compromise on the other aspects of the business like beauty, rates, time of availability, you do not compromise on your health and security. These two things are often taken advantage of by clients who are typically not the best clients you would want to entertain but unfortunately, during the span of this profession, sooner or later, escorts come across a situation which is weird, nasty or at worst potentially dangerous. There are few security measures that you can take to ensure that you get away safely or better more, avoid getting into such situations in the first place. Different circumstances need a different kind of reaction and security measures to be taken but one of the best bets would be your alertness. Make sure that at no point in time you let your guard down and come across as someone who can be easily dealt with or is vulnerable. Your level of confidence will help you save yourself in such situations. You do not have to be harsh or insulting, there are ways to put across your message in a polite manner. Keep your eyes open and look for the signs of any danger, if at all, any such signs surface during your encounter with a client. Here, we are enlisting a few basic security measures which would help you keep yourself safe when meeting clients. However, the ultimate answer you will get with time and experience. The first and the most important thing to do when you are asked for an appointment is to do proper screening of client on the basis of information collected from him. If you notice any sign of discrepancies or false information, verify with the client again and if you feel something is wrong, in the escort industry, it probably is. Many people do like to keep their name hidden but do tell them that you can trust them with your identity as confidentiality is the key aspect of this business and it won’t be compromised under any circumstances. When you work for agencies, the agency will do that for you, but when you are working independently, this is where you have to be more cautious. Make sure that whatever services you are providing is clearly and neatly mention in your website so that there are no disputes later on regarding that, which can turn out to be really messy and even dangerous. Clients can be demanding but ensuring that the client knows what they are getting from the get go helps in keeping danger away. In other ways, clients can get pushy and demanding of the services you don’t provide or don’t do in the way they have asked for. In-calls can be tricky so if you are doing it, do it with the clients you trust and have screened over the phone. Push the point that uninformed drop-ins are not allowed or appreciated. If you are doing in-calls do not provide the full address like your house or apartment number until they have arrived and calls you for the exact address. Verify that they have really arrived before disclosing anything to check if they are really alone. Also, keep the venue clean from any personal documents with your name on it and also there should not be any money or valuables laying around. For out-call appointments to the client’s address, use a driver to go and pay him well and make him understand, that driving is not only his job but that he also needs to come and help you, if in the unlikly event the need arises. Keep a mobile phone with or near you at all times. Verify the address through Google or through other means and when you reach, check out the neighborhood and gauge its friendliness. Always get a landline number for the client and make sure someone else has that landline. Always be aware of what the customer is doing. Keep your eyes on him at all times. Do not drink anything from a bottle where the seal was not taken off in front of you. Better more, avoid drinking or taking any form of drugs. If you sense any kind of problems, change the topic and try to stay calm and cool and if that doesn’t help, find a polite reason to leave. If the client for any reason gets aggressive and out of control, try to reason with him and calm him down. If that doesn’t help, be assertive and try to take back control of the situation. Keep your belongings in an easy to reach place where you can easily get them and leave or have a signal coded with your driver, which he can read and come to your help when you signal. Use your phone to inform, first the driver and then the agency, if you are able to do so. Always use condoms and make it clear with clients, what you do and what you do not. Detailing this on your website profile is the best way but still, while conversing, you can refresh the client’s memory of the services you offer. Try not to get into client’s personal life and no matter how friendly you are, make sure you have a safe distance from your client mentally. If it's your house, make sure he can only access the workplace and not the whole house. If it's his house or a hotel, ask to use the bathroom just so you can get a feel for the surroundings you are in.
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  14. My BF is a former client. When I first met him I was in my early 30s and really popular. I saw him once or twice… I missed a couple appointments and he stopped seeing me. Over the years my business slowed down. I operated UTR, mostly relying on regulars…After almost eight years my client who would become my BF contacted me for a date. I didn’t remember him, but he showed me an old review he did about me back then on one of the boards. He started seeing me twice a week. We did some overnighters and we started spending social time together. He was open-minded and generous. At the time, I was barely making it. He started paying for dates in advance. He signed a lease for me and he wanted to move in. I liked him, but I was still escorting. I wanted him to help me, but I wasn’t willing to give up my freedom. He said he could deal with me not living with him and me continuing to work. He was OK as long as we still saw each other regularly. [But] after a few months, it was clear that the relationship was really stressing him out. There was tension between us around me not operating securely enough. He tried to give me instructions about running my business. After some arguments, he finally conceded that I had been doing this for a long time and that I knew how to take care of myself. He never asked me to quit, but I knew every time I told him that I had an appointment it caused him pain.Bottom line, I told him I was retiring. He was so happy. I told him I would go to school and get my education. So for nearly two years I have been lying to him. I did go to school, but my school closed down. I took down my old contact information, but my review site is still up with all the old information on it. I changed my stage name and I have been operating UTR for nearly two years. He still pays my rent but threatens to cut me off unless we live together. He looks for me occasionally on the boards, but my new name protects me and he wants to believe me. He loves me. I love him like my generous uncle. His money is not endless and he wants a commitment or he is going to cut me loose. I have mixed feelings. He has been good to me and he has given me a lot. I have a five-year-old. My BF has been generous and kind to her. I’m getting older, but I think if I was more public I would still have a good five to eight years to make money. Should I give him a break and let him go while he still has some money left?